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Spiritual Receptivity Meditation Retreat 

Vessantara leads us on a journey to discover Spiritual Receptivity in this thoroughly engaging set of talks and led meditations. …

Vessantara 2014
06. Led Meditation - Metta Bhavana and Just Sitting (27:42)
The Awakening Heart 

This is the first talk in the series of the same name. It touches on aspects of Sangharakshita's 'system of meditation', …

Parami 2006
06. Dukkha is not living in harmony with truth of conditioned existence; metta is the volitional response to interconnectedness (4:23)
07. Levels of compassion: situational response to suffering; metta bhavana and bodhicitta; unconditional compassion dissolves all separation (8:18)
The Importance of Intention In the Stage of Postive Emotion 

Given during a retreat on the system of meditation. Subhuti emphasises the importance of intention in the metta

Subhuti 2010
The Meaning of Parinirvana 

A lecture celebrating the anniversary of the Parinirvana or 'death' of the Buddha. It outlines six basic meditation …

Sangharakshita 1972
05. ii. Hate: the Metta Bhavana (1:48)
The Metta Bhavana 

In this short talk, Satyakirti emphasises the importance of the Metta Bhavana. He discusses …

Satyakirti 2019
01. The Metta Bhavana (25:28)
The Metta Bhavana and Nature 

Subhuti gives a short introduction to the metta bhavana and its relationship with natu

Subhuti 2011
01. The Metta Bhavana and Nature (13:31)
The Mindfulness of Breathing: Full Lead-through 

Here's a longer (40 minute) lead-through of the traditional meditation known as 'The Mindfulness of Breathing'. …

Kamalashila 1995
The Mindfulness of Breathing: Introduction and Guidance 

This is Kamalashila's essential guide to working in the 'Mindfulness of Breathing' meditation. This meditation …

Kamalashila 1995
01. Introduction to the tape - two meditations (see 'Metta Bhavana'); learning about your own mind; aspects of transformation (1:30)
The Mindfulness of Breathing: Short Lead-through 

This is a short 20 minute lead-through of the traditional meditation known as 'The Mindfulness of Breathing'. This …

Kamalashila 1995
The Path of Kindness 

Part 5 in the Faces of Enlightenment Sangha night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Bodhinaga gives a talk on the …

Bodhinaga 2019
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