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Kontemplation über Vergänglichkeit - 30 Minuten 

Eine etwa 30-minütige durchgeleitete Kontemplation der Vergänglichkeit und Veränderlichkeit aller Phänomene …

Vidyagita 2009
The Tender Gravity of Kindness 

Maitridevi explores what the myth of Persephone has to do with our practice of the metta bhavan

Maitridevi 2014
A Personal Take On Metta Practice 

Jvalamalini, as part of the 2015 Rainy Season Retreat on the Brahma Viharas, gives a very personal and helpful take on the …

Jvalamalini 2015
01. A reading on metta from the Itivuttaka (01:50)
03. Early efforts at metta practice, fantasy and willed effort (01:50)
07. Bringing metta to bits ourselves that seem unacceptable; the end of a marriage (01:50)
08. The boundlessness of metta; exploring its nature without circumference or limit (01:50)
09. Metta as quite ordinary and everyday; the fruits of practice are the ability to practise (01:50)
11. Affecting others through metta practice; the sangha blazing forth; more from the Itivuttaka (01:50)
Violence and Non-Violence 

This talk was given by Vijayasri as a follow up to a showing of Sangharakshita's video on Buddhism, world peace and …

Vijayasri 2016
New Year Metta - Guided Meditation 

A guided body awareness meditation, followed by a metta bhavana/loving-kindness meditation …

Dayajoti 2015
03. New Year Metta_Metta Bhavana with minimal guiding (25:54)
Meditasjon På Kjærlig Vennlighet 

Gunaketu leder gjennom meditasjon på kjærlig vennlighet eller "metta bhavana" …

Gunaketu 2017
Meditasjon På Kjærlig Vennlighet - Bare Klangskål 

Gunaketu leder inn i meditasjonen med å lande i øyeblikket med hele seg, og ringer på klangskålen …

Gunaketu 2018
Insight and Perception 

Mahabodhi explores the meaning of the Sanskrit term samjna or sanna in Pali. Often translated as perception, but more accurately …

Mahabodhi 2017
Empathising with the Enemy 

A talk from Nandaraja exploring meditation and the Metta Bhavana, given on a People of …

Nandaraja 2018
The Path of Kindness 

Part 5 in the Faces of Enlightenment Sangha night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Bodhinaga gives a talk on the …

Bodhinaga 2019
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