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Meditation (1) Metta Bhavana - Order Retreat Bodhgaya 

Meditation(1) Metta Bhavna, led by Dh.Subhuti in the Order Retreat at Bodhgaya held from 9th Feb to 14th …

Subhuti 2020
01. Meditation (1) Metta Bhavana - Order Retreat Bodhgaya (51:23)
Meditation(2) Metta Bhavana - Order Retreat Bodhgaya 

Meditation(2) Metta Bhavana, led by Dh.Subhuti in the Order Retreat at Bodhgaya held from …

Subhuti 2020
01. Meditation(2) Metta Bhavana - Order Retreat Bodhgaya (43:59)
Building Sangha 1 - Maitri 

The first of three talks given at the Mahavihara, Subhuti looks at the

Subhuti 2009
The Sunset Realm - Love and Meditation 

The third talk Subhuti gave at Bodh Gaya for the fourth Dhammakranti retreat in 2009. In this talk he focuses on the significance …

Subhuti 2009
The Importance of Intention In the Stage of Postive Emotion 

Given during a retreat on the system of meditation. Subhuti emphasises the importance of intention in the metta

Subhuti 2010
Eight Verses for Training the Mind: Talk 1 

This is the first in a four-part series by Subhuti on the Tibetan text 'Eight Verses for Training the Mind' by Kadampa …

Subhuti 2004
06. Clarifications - not hating yourself; difference between atma moha and atma drishti - passive and active ignorance; atma sneha, atma mana and metta bhavana (8:14)
Rambles Around the Yogachara: Talk 2 

This is the second in a brilliant four-part series by Subhuti on the Yogachara school of Buddhist philosophy, which provides …

Subhuti 2003
10. The Yogachara view of the kleshas - not morally wrong in themselves; ethical behaviour in relation to the kleshas; loving yourself - the metta bhavana and the kleshas (4:42)
Evolution of a Metta Practice 

Suryadarshini navigates the evolution of her metta practice, from the structured five-stage Metta

Suryadarshini 2018
01. Introduction to the five stage Metta Bhavana practice (05:32)
03. Dropping the object of metta: loosening boundaries (03:33)
04. Letting go of the subject in metta practice: allowing boundaries to fade (02:30)
05. Writing metta, with input from Natalie Goldberg (03:34)
06. Writing for two minutes: 'Metta is...' (02:29)
Vessantara's 20 Suggestions For Dealing with Overwhelm - Part 1 

These are challenging times. Climate change, populist politics, species extinction, refugee crises, extreme weather events, …

Taranita 2019
02. Metta Bhavana (31:46)
A Prática Da Metta Bhavana Pode Ser Um Caminho Para a Iluminação? / Can Metta Bhavana Practice Be a Path to Enlightenment? 

É possível superar o ódio apenas com atenção plena?  Metta é …

Vaddhaka 2021
01. 7. A Prática da Metta Bhavana pode ser um Caminho para a Iluminação? (58:10)
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