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Metta Bhavana - Full Lead-through 

This is a full lead-through of the traditional meditation practice known as 'Metta Bhavana' …

Kamalashila 1995
Metta Bhavana - Introduction and Basic Tools 

Here is Kamalashila's illuminating guide to working in the 'Metta Bhavana' …

Kamalashila 1995
02. Introducing the Metta Bhavana - Developing Loving Kindness; the importance of friendliness - starting with yourself (2:22)
04. General points on developing metta; patience, imagination, experiment, focus and concentration (3:18)
05. Second stage - metta towards a friend; choosing the person; how to work in this stage - being honest (2:22)
07. Fourth stage - metta towards someone you find difficult; being open to change; empathy (2:16)
08. Fifth stage - equalizing metta for all four people, a simple approach; metta for the whole universe - how to work on it (2:44)
Metta Bhavana - Short Lead-through 

Here is a short version of the "Metta Bhavana' ('Development of Loving Kindness') …

Kamalashila 1995
01. First stage - directing metta to yourself (3:20)
02. Second stage - directing metta towards a good friend (2:39)
03. Third stage - directing metta towards a neutral person (2:41)
04. Fourth stage - directing metta towards a difficult person or enemy (3:21)
05. Fifth stage - equalizing metta and directing it towards the whole universe (6:48)
Metta Bhavana (1 Track) 

En ledd metta bhavana meditation, som hjälper dig få kontakt med och odla kärleksfull …

Viryabodhi 2005
01. Metta bhavana (1 track) (35:40)
Metta Bhavana Into and Lead-Through 

A session of loving kindness meditation, with an introduction and body awareness followed by a led session lasting about …

Ratnaprabha 1994
Metta Bhavana with a Focus On Vedana 

Vidyamala introduces and leads through a kindly awareness practice (a variation of the metta bhavana) …

Vidyamala 2020
01. Metta Bhavana with a focus on Vedana (53:51)
Metta bhavana, en ledd meditation 

En ledd metta bhavana meditation, som hjälper dig få kontakt med och odla kärleksfull …

Viryabodhi 2009
07. Metta Sutta (1:36)
Metta Bhavana: Letting Kindness Happen 

Ratnaguna on the metta bhavana, or development of loving kindness, in a talk given at Manchester …

Ratnaguna 2012
01. Metta Bhavana Letting Kindness Happen (19:03)
Metta-Bhavana, die Meditation zu liebender Güte. Einführung und geführte Meditation. 

Eine Einführung in die Metta-Bhavana, gefolgt von einer 35-minütigen, von Dhammaloka …

Dhammaloka 1997
01. Allgemeine Einführung in die Metta Bhavana oder liebende Güte Meditation (7:14)
02. Erläuterung der Methode. Die fünf Abschnitte der Metta-Bhavana (9:14)
04. Geführte Metta-Bhavana Meditation (34:29)
05. Lesung des Metta-Suttas, eines alten buddhistischen Textes über liebende Güte (2:31)
New Year Metta - Guided Meditation 

A guided body awareness meditation, followed by a metta bhavana/loving-kindness meditation …

Dayajoti 2015
03. New Year Metta_Metta Bhavana with minimal guiding (25:54)
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