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I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)


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Title Speaker Year
Triratna Sangha in India and the Work of the India Dhamma Trust 

A talk given by Tarahridaya, as part of Manchester Buddhist Centre's celebration of Dr Ambedkar's …

Tarahridaya 2016
Buddhafield: Lifestyle as Practice 

A talk given by Satyadaya at Manchester Buddhist Centre, in the context of visiting, working and living …

Satyadaya 2017
Living what we Love: a Response to the Four Sights 

A talk given by Amitasuri at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 23rd March 2015 at Triratna Night Amitasuri …

Amitasuri 2015
When Wisdom meets Compassion 

Transforming Social Inequalities Through Liberation of Self: As part of Manchester Buddhist Centre's …

Satyamuni 2017
The Power of Love 

A talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre's Triratna Night on 3rd July 2017, exploring the practical …

Chandana 2017
Dr Ambedkar's Vision and Western Individualism 

The Western Curse of Narcissus . . . Getting Over Yourself: In this talk, given as part of Manchester Buddhist …

Arthapriya 2017
The Greater Mandala of Uselessness 

You don’t have to justify yourself by being useful. You yourself are the justification for your existence Sangharakshita, …

Vajrapriya 2018
Sailing the Worldly Winds 

In this inspiring and personal talk given as part of International Women’s Day, Taravandana explores the Buddha’s …

Taravandana 2018
Stepping Down and Going Out 

In this lively and engaging talk Sanghaketu suggests that focusing on one side in our practice can often leave us feeling …

Sanghaketu 2018
Love and the Beauty of Broken Things 

A beautiful talk by Maitridevi given at Triratna Night in which she explores how things that are broken can be given a fresh …

Maitridevi 2018
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