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Who Is Sangharakshita 

A talk given by Arthapriya at Manchester Buddhist Centre during the Rainy Season Retreat on Sunday February …

Arthapriya 2014
Simple Gifts 

A talk given by Vidyadevi about her reflections on friendship with Sangharakshita and working with him on books based on …

Vidyadevi 2014
Bhante - Poetry, Myth And Imagination 

A talk by Dhammadinna given on the Rainy Season Retreat at Manchester Buddhist Centre on Wednesday 19th …

Dhammadinna 2014
Adventures In the Pure Land - Happiness 

Ratnaguna gives the first talk in a series of four talks for Triranta Night at Manchester Buddhist Centre. The …

Ratnaguna 2015
Adventures In the Pure Land - Beauty 

Ratnaguna gives the 2nd talk in a series of four talks inspired by the Pure Land Sutras at Triratna Night at Manchester

Ratnaguna 2015
The Seven Moods of the Puja 

A talk given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre at Triratna Night on 28 September 2015. Garavachitta explores …

Garavachitta 2015
Entering the Forest 

A talk given by Arthavadin on Triratna Night at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 7 December 2015. The Buddha …

Arthavadin 2015
Sanghakaya and the Heart's Release 

A talk about the Sangha Jewel and its place in the spiritual life, given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on …

Maitreyi 2015
What Happens when we Die (and Teddy Bears) 

A talk given on Parinirvana Day, 14th February 2016 at Manchester Buddhist Centre. Karunavajra describes …

Karunavajra 2016
Loneliness, Friendship and Spiritual Community 

A talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on Triratna Night, 15th February 2016

Arthapriya 2016
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