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Parinirvana Day: Reflections on Death 

Priyavadita shares some reflections on death, including his experience of working as a nurse in a busy accident and emergency …

Priyavadita 2012
Metta Bhavana: Letting Kindness Happen 

Ratnaguna on the metta bhavana, or development of loving kindness, in a talk given at Manchester Buddhist …

Ratnaguna 2012
Life, Death, Mystery: a Buddhist Perspective 

In this talk, given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 31st March 2012, Sona talks about his lifelong search …

Sona 2012
Radical Change - Learning to Be Free 

A talk given by Sona at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on 28th April 2012. He explores how we can make real, …

Sona 2012
The Underlying Pattern of the Spiritual Life 

In this talk Ratnaguna describes the five aspects of the spiritual path - integration, positive emotion, spiritual receptivity, …

Ratnaguna 2012
Awareness Is Revolutionary 

Change your mind to change the world. Vidyamala speaks about the life-changing power of awareness.

Vidyamala 2013
Reflections on the Bardo Thodol 

Arthaketu reflects on the Bardo Thodol, or Tibetan Book of the Dead, in a talk given at Manchester Buddhist …

Arthaketu 2013
Building the Buddhaland 

Dayamala asks how we can build a Buddhaland, in a talk at Manchester Buddhist Centre.

Dayamala 2013
What Are the Secrets of Sangha 

A talk by Arthavadin on Sangha Day at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 17th November 2013.

Arthavadin 2013
Loss, Grief, Spiritual Death And Spiritual Rebirth 

A talk given by Chandana at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on Parinirvana Day, 15 February 2014

Chandana 2014
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