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Title Speaker Year
A Body at Peace with itself 

This talk starts by exploring different perspectives on what is the body and how limited views can limit our practice. Balajit …

Balajit 2017
The Imaginal Faculty 

The Imaginal Faculty....what is it and why does it matter in our spiritual lives? Taravandana offers a personal perspective …

Taravandana 2017
Getting to know Urgyen Sangharakshita through his Poetry 

In this lovely talk following Sangharakshita's death, Ratnaguna urges us to get to know Bhante through his poetry. He …

Ratnaguna 2018
Celebrating the Experience of Women in Buddhism 

On International Women's Day 2019 Danasamudra's talk traces the development of women's involvement in Buddhism. …

Danasamudra 2019
White Tara 

Samantabhadri shares personal reflections on her connection with, and practice of, the White Tara sadhana. Also she reflects …

Samantabhadri 2019
Dharma Wondrous Strange: 4. A Bad Apple 

In this fourth talk of eight, Ratnaguna suggests that the only way we can really be part of a spiritual community is by being …

Ratnaguna 2020
Reflecting on the Buddha in the Forest 

Dayanandi contemplates the words of the Tiratana Vandana and the qualities of the Buddha that it evokes. She says: "I …

Dayanandi 2019
Intellect, Emotion, and Will 

At the opening of the Manchester Buddhist Centre, Sangharakshita presents some of his latest thinking. With …

Sangharakshita 1996
Dr Ambedkar - Dhamma Revolution 

Another tribute by Padmavajra to the life and work of the great Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who dedicated his life to the welfare …

Padmavajra 2001
A Love of Broken Things 

This talk was given for sangha night at Manchester Buddhist Centre. Maitridevi explores looking at ways …

Maitridevi 2018
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