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I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)


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Title Speaker Year
Sangha Day Talk, 2018 

In this talk on Sangha Day at Manchester Buddhist Centre, Vishangka uses Sangharakshita's poem, The …

Vishangka 2018
The Buddha was born as we are born 

Ratnaguna gave two talks on the Manchester Men's Weekend in October 2018, looking at different ways …

Ratnaguna 2018
The Buddha beyond the Buddha 

Ratnaguna gave two talks on the Manchester Men’s Sangha Weekend in October 2018, looking at different …

Ratnaguna 2018
From Spiritual Building to Spiritual Farming 

A talk from the Buddha Day celebrations at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 19th May 2019. Amaradaya explores …

Amaradaya 2019
Dharma Wondrous Strange: 1. Wonder 

In this first talk in a series of eight, Ratnaguna looks at the importance of wonder in the spiritual life. The talk was …

Ratnaguna 2020
Dharma Wondrous Strange: 2. A Gradual Deepening 

In this second talk of eight, Ratnaguna gives us ten pieces of advice from the Buddha that speak to the isolation we're …

Ratnaguna 2020
Dharma Wondrous Strange: 3. The Narrow Path to Freedom 

In this third talk of eight, Ratnaguna suggests that the path to enlightenment requires that we apply a consistent and balanced …

Ratnaguna 2020
The Ideal Society and the Ideal Individual 

Siladevi reflects on an aspect of Buddhism that is often played down, but is nonetheless an organic part of Buddhism-that …

Siladevi 2019
Blending like Milk and Water: Sangha In the Buddha's Time 

Vishangka explores the joys and challenges that arise in a spiritual community. He explores several suttas and what we can …

Vishangka 2019
Me and my Mate Pingya 

In this talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre's Triratna Night on 22.01.18, Priyavadita explores …

Priyavadita 2018
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