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From Spiritual Building to Spiritual Farming 

A talk from the Buddha Day celebrations at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 19th May 2019. Amaradaya explores …

Amaradaya 2019
Living what we Love: a Response to the Four Sights 

A talk given by Amitasuri at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 23rd March 2015 at Triratna Night Amitasuri …

Amitasuri 2015
The Business of Buddhist Action 

A talk by Anjali Chatterjee at Manchester Buddhist Centre's Triratna Night, 13th June 2016, during June’s …

Anjali Chatterjee 2016
Reflections on the Bardo Thodol 

Arthaketu reflects on the Bardo Thodol, or Tibetan Book of the Dead, in a talk given at Manchester Buddhist …

Arthaketu 2013
Padmasambhava Day Talk 

Arthaketu talks about Padmasambhava, the semi-mythological great teacher of Tibet

Arthaketu 2013
Who Is Sangharakshita 

A talk given by Arthapriya at Manchester Buddhist Centre during the Rainy Season Retreat on Sunday February …

Arthapriya 2014
Loneliness, Friendship and Spiritual Community 

A talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on Triratna Night, 15th February 2016

Arthapriya 2016
Dr Ambedkar's Vision and Western Individualism 

The Western Curse of Narcissus . . . Getting Over Yourself: In this talk, given as part of Manchester Buddhist …

Arthapriya 2017
What Are the Secrets of Sangha 

A talk by Arthavadin on Sangha Day at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 17th November 2013.

Arthavadin 2013
Entering the Forest 

A talk given by Arthavadin on Triratna Night at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 7 December 2015. The Buddha …

Arthavadin 2015
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