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The activity of emptiness is compassion


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An Introduction to the Mandala of the Female Buddhas 

In this talk Mahamani introduces the Mandala of the female Buddhas or Prajans focusing on what they have …

Mahamani 2015
Breaking the Spell: Reminder Four: The Defects of Samsara 

This is the last of four talks from a retreat for mitras at Taraloka called ‘Breaking the Spell’, which draws …

Mahamani 2021
Mind Creates World 

Mahamani continues the London Buddhist Centre's week-long exploration of Mind Reactive / Mind Creative …

Mahamani 2018
Overcoming Envy 

The first of five talks Exploring the five archetypal Buddha’s. Each talk in the series will draw out the wisdom of …

Mahamani 2019
Prajna Pandaravasini - A Brief Introduction to Her Qualities 

In this talk Mahamani gives a brief introduction to the red female Buddha Pandaravsini, outlining her qualities …

Mahamani 2015
Reverencing the Buddha - I Bow to No One Dead Or Alive 

Mahamani gives a incredibly passionate talk on reverencing the Buddha. Drawing on her own experiences of …

Mahamani 2016
The Way to the Top of the Hill 

Mahamani shares some experiences around guilt, faith, losing the way and finding it. Personal talk from …

Mahamani 2021
Winter Retreat 2017 - Enlightenment and The First Turning of the Wheel 

Taking up where Danayutta left off, Mahamani explores the mystery of the Buddha's Enlightenment and …

Mahamani 2017