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International Order Convention 2009 - Lokamitra 

Lokamitra speaks at the 2009 International Order Convention in Bodh Gaya on the history of the modern Buddhist …

Lokamitra 2009
01. Lokamitra compares his visits to Bodh Gaya and reflects on the history of the TBMSG (6:14)
Dharma Day 2009 - Remembering Bodhisakhi and Sudarshan (Lokamitra) 

Lokamitra recalls his close friends Bodhisakhi and Sudarshan, whose untimely deaths are uppermost in people's …

Lokamitra 2009
Lokamitra and Subhuti In Conversation 

An interview (in a rather noisy Indian restaurant!) from the end of the 2013 Order Convention in India with two pivotal figures …

Lokamitra and Subhuti 2013
01. Introductions and the meaning of Lokamitra's and Subhuti's names (4:02)
08. The future for Lokamitra and Subhuti (4:28)
10. Rejoicing in Lokamitra and Subhuti (2:00)
Indian Order Convention 1. History and Future of Triratna In India 

1st talk of the Indian Order Convention. Lokamitra begins with a moving account of the early days of the …

Lokamitra 2010
Problem of Groupism In Sangha 

Lokamitra addresses the problem of Groupism and Individualism in India and the West on Three Strands meet, …

Lokamitra 2013
The Gifts We Have Been Given By Sangharakshita 

A day the 2018 Triratna Order 50th anniversary Convention in Bodhgaya, India, paying tribute to the source of the Order itself: …

Various 2018
03. Nagamitra - The gift of Doctor Ambedkar and Sangharakshita's presentation of his work (with a salutation to Lokamitra on 40 years of service to the Dhamma in India) (24:21)