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Buddhafield: Lifestyle as Practice 

A talk given by Satyadaya at Manchester Buddhist Centre, in the context of visiting, working and living

Satyadaya 2017
Buddhism and the Natural World: Deep Ecology, Deep Dharma 

A sensitive and thoughtful talk by Kamalashila on the connections he feels deeply between Buddhist practice and the environmental …

Kamalashila 2005
08. Communal living; single sex; the underside of the development of communities; mixed communities and the benefits of other mixed environments (4:31)
09. Sangharakshita's book review on 'DH Lawrence and the Spiritual Community' - four principles of spiritual community; sexual relationships and community living (7:17)
10. A personal vision of mixed communities; deep ecology and community living (2:27)
Buddhist Reflections on Impermanence and Death 

In this engaging talk Vajratara speaks on directly meeting death and Impermanence in Buddhist practice, and how these reflections …

Vajratara 2020
Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia 

And the award for best title of 2007 goes to: 'Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia'... Ever wanted …

Khemasuri 2007
04. Social networks, systems and change; 'event-triggering process' - shocks to the system and creative response; change within a community of individuals; the properties of a living community (4:48)
05. What the Mafia can teach us about supporting change; Fritjof Capra's ideas on the criminal underworld's success; what the Mafia does well as a community; towards an ethical underworld (4:01)
06. What we can do individually and collectively; the revolutionary nature of the 'metta bhavana' meditation ('development of loving kindness'); actions and consequences again; taking risks; different ways of doing community; collective change is not comfo (4:50)
Community Living 

Lokeshvara gives a short talk on how to sustain community life, during a weekend retreat on community

Lokeshvara 2016
01. Community Living (22:32)
Danger! Community Living Could Change Your Life! 

Triratna Buddhism is radical and so is the life style that it offers if we are courageous enough to take it on.

Shuddhakirti 2013
01. Danger! Community Living Could Change Your Life! (39:37)
Dhamma In a Time of Climate Crisis 

Tejopala likens the current global climate crisis to a village with a fire that threatens everyone in it and asks what a …

Tejopala 2019
India's Dhamma Revolution 

Amoghasiddhi talks about his personal experiences of Buddhism in India, both for himself and the community

Amoghsiddhi 2019
Individualism - Hearing the Demon's Comforting Whisper 

Saddhanandi draws on over 25 years of experience living and practicing in spiritual communities as she explores …

Saddhanandi 2010
Karuna Appeals - Transforming the World Through Generosity 

Kate German talks of her experience of being on a 6 week fundraising retreat for the Karuna Trust, which works with the poorest …

Kate German 2015
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