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Title Speaker Year
The Intimate Mind 

This is the sixth in an excellent 8-talk sequence by Padmavajra on Zen Buddhism. The series is full of colourful stories …

Padmavajra 2004
05. The Lankavatara Sutra and Mind teachings (6:31)
The Word of the Buddha 

This lecture describes the various levels on which Enlightened Consciousness seeks to communicate itself to those who are …

Sangharakshita 1972
12. Mahayana Sutras: i. Perfection of Wisdom in 8000 lines ii. ‘White Lotus of the True Teaching’ iii. Lankavatara Sutra iv. Lalitavistara Sutra v. Gandhavyuha Sutra (7:21)
The Turning About in the Deepest Seat of Consciousness 

The 'turning about' or paravrtti is described in the Yogachara school of Buddhism in terms of the transformation …

Sangharakshita 1965
02. The Sadharma Lankavatara Sutra (4:49)