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Title Speaker Year
The Three Lakshanas: Dukkha 

"All conditioned things are painful,

Abhaya 2006
01. The Three Lakshanas: Dukkha (23:13)
The Three Lakshanas: Anitya 

All conditioned things are impermanent... Not just a truism, but the central teaching of Buddhism upon which so much else …

Jnanaketu 2006
01. The Three Lakshanas: Anitya (23:24)
The Three Lakshanas: Anatta 

"All things whatsoever are devoid of unchanging selfhood,

Saddhaloka 2006
01. The Three Lakshanas: Anatta (17:49)
De Lakshanas - Potentieel Voor Groei 

Dit is een lezing uit de lezingenreeks rond de lakshanas die in het Gentse centrum in december 2010 werd …

Arthakusalin 2010
01. De Lakshanas - Potentieel Voor Groei (27:55)
The Three Lakshanas (series) 

The Three Lakshanas:

Various 2006
The Three Lakshanas 

From a series of talks on sangha night at the San Francisco Buddhist center. With musical examples!

Dhivajri (Rachel Kahn) 2008
01. The Three Lakshanas (30:43)
The Texture of Reality 

A lecture dealing with the three marks (lakshanas) of conditioned existence and their transcendence via …

Sangharakshita 1966
Prajna - The Answer to Oppression 

After Samadhi comes Prajna. No jokes today from Subhuti as we go into the Lakshanas and the need for a radical …

Subhuti 2009
Being with the Buddha Through Wisdom 

This talk begins by reviewing the Wisdom as the third stage of the Threefold Path. The Buddhas teachings on Wisdom are then …

Singhamati 2012
Verses From The Dhammapada 

The Buddha's wisdom can be summarised by the three lakshanas, this is not nihilistic, but an honest …

Jnanadhara 2012
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