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Kamalashila Booklaunch 

Buddhist Meditation: Tranquillity, Imagination and Insight. Kamalashila explains the basis of meditation …

Kamalashila 2012
01. Kamalashila Booklaunch (32:40)
Buddhism and the Natural World: Deep Ecology, Deep Dharma 

A sensitive and thoughtful talk by Kamalashila on the connections he feels deeply between Buddhist practice …

Kamalashila 2005
02. Kamalashila - environmentalism in the early days of FWBO - Vajraloka; reactions in '80s & '90s; a contemporary shift (2:47)
Entering the Sangha 

In 'Entering the Sangha', Sangharakshita goes to Buddhafield! A first for him, and a first for the fabulous Buddhafield …

Sangharakshita 2007
01. Kamalashila - Introduction: what is Buddhafield? Links with the founding of the FWBO – the radical exploration of alternatives; Sangharakshita's name – 'protector of the Sangha', 'protected by the Sangha' (4:06)
Metta Bhavana - Introduction and Basic Tools 

Here is Kamalashila's illuminating guide to working in the 'Metta Bhavana' ('Development …

Kamalashila 1995
Metta Bhavana - Short Lead-through 

Here is a short version of the "Metta Bhavana' ('Development of Loving Kindness') meditation led by Kamalashila. …

Kamalashila 1995
The Buddha In Nature 

We asked Kamalashila to give a talk for Buddhist Action Month 2015 with its themes around sustainability …

Kamalashila 2015
Compassion and Wisdom 

In this day event, Kamalashila explores compassion and wisdom by using the Brahma vihara meditations. He …

Kamalashila 2016
Day Event On the Six Elements 

In this day event Kamalashila explores the six elements using meditations and talks. Kamalashila

Kamalashila 2016
The Importance of Mindfulness 

Croydon has been home to FWBO or Triratna Buddhist communities and centres since 1968. Many early talks by well known speakers …

Kamalashila 1996
The Mindfulness of Breathing: Short Lead-through 

This is a short 20 minute lead-through of the traditional meditation known as 'The Mindfulness of Breathing'. This …

Kamalashila 1995
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