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Title Speaker Year
Spiritual Death and Impermanence 

If we are unable to adjust to change we suffer. So it is good to be prepared for both the predictable and unpredictable …

Achala 2012
01. Spiritual Death and Impermanence (51:52)
Poems On Impermanence 

A well read poem can help us deepen our understanding of Buddhist principles. In this talk six poems on the theme of impermanence

Achala 2012
01. Poems On Impermanence (35:24)
Impermanence of This Body 

This is the Second in a series of four talks given on the four reminders. Punyamala explores the Buddhist teachings of impermanence

Punyamala 2015
01. Impermanence of this Body (31:43)
'Love Is Proved In the Letting Go': Reflections On Impermanence 

A personal talk where Punyamala shares her reflections on impermanence, particularly in the context of family …

Punyamala 2019
01. 'Love is Proved in the Letting Go': Reflections on Impermanence (27:57)
Buddhist Reflections on Impermanence and Death 

In this engaging talk Vajratara speaks on directly meeting death and Impermanence in Buddhist practice, …

Vajratara 2020
01. Buddhist Reflections On Impermanence and Death (49:25)
4 Mind Turnings(2) The Inevitability of Impermanence and Death - Sangharama 

Dh.Subhuti talks on 4 mind turnings(2) about the inevitability of impermanence and death in the Sangharama …

Subhuti 2019
01. 4 Mind Turnings(2) The Inevitability of Impermanence and Death - Sangharama (55:41)
Reflecting On Impermanence and Death - IBYC Bodhgaya 

Talk (2) Reflecting on impermanence and death by Dh.Subhuti in the IBYC 2020 at Bodhgaya held from 16th …

Subhuti 2020
01. Reflecting on Impermanence and Death - IBYC Bodhgaya (52:53)
Towards Insight - Contemplation of Impermanence 

Here is a pair of guided meditations where we are encouraged to reflect on the impermanent nature of things, an essential …

Dayanandi and Ratnaguna 2009
01. Contemplation of Impermanence led by Dayanandi (21:59)
02. Contemplation of Impermanence led by Ratnaguna (18:58)
Bodies of Earth - Beyond Me and Mine - Impermanence 

Talk from a two-week women's retreat at Eco-Dharma entitled 'Bodies of Earth: Beyond Me and Mine.'

Dayajoti 2012
01. Associations with Impermanence (4:56)
02. Insight into impermanence is beyond the conceptual (4:13)
03. Resolving to remember Impermanence (2:21)
04. Watching impermanence (2:19)
Impermanence of This Body 

In the first of four talks on the four reminders given at Taraloka on the Mitra Reflection Retreat in 2016, Khemasuri talks …

Khemasuri 2016
01. Impermanence of This Body (28:53)
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