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Imagining the Buddha 

At the close of 2010 Sangharakshita, with Subhuti, presented a paper to the Order and movement entitled Re-Imagining

Padmakumara 2011
01. Imagining the Buddha (43:24)
Imagining the Buddha Meditation 

Short guided meditation imagining meeting the Buddha, with threefold puja, Shakyamuni mantra and transference …

Jvalamalini 2016
Imagining the Buddha - Cambridge Study Weekend 5 

In his fifth talk on the theme of Imagination Subhuti comes to the Buddha and how we relate to him. Possibly the most interesting …

Subhuti 2010
01. Imagining the Buddha - Cambridge Study Weekend 5 (1:17:59)
Imagining the Buddha 

Talk given by Ratnaguna at the LBC's Wesak Festival day in May 2010.

Ratnaguna 2010
01. Imagining the Buddha (59:43)
Imagining Amoghasiddhi 

In this imaginative and inspired talk Vaddhaka shares his own connection to the green Buddha of the north: Amoghasiddhi. …

Vaddhaka 2011
01. Imagining Amoghasiddhi (58:38)
Imagining the Buddha - A Four Week Seminar Exploring the Verses of the Tiratana Vandana 

A four week seminar exploring the verses of the Tiratna Vandana given at the LBC's Monday Dharma night class in April …

Jnanavaca 2011
01. Imagining the Buddha Seminar (Week1) - Mon 25th April 2011 (52:49)
02. Imagining the Buddha Seminar (Week2) - Mon 2nd May 2011 (53:45)
03. Imagining the Buddha Seminar (Week3) - Mon 9th May 2011 (47:51)
04. Imagining the Buddha Seminar (Week4) - Mon 16th May 2011 (1:20:19)
Make It So - Imagining The Buddha 

Suriyavamsa looks at the role of imagination in the way we shape our everyday world and how we can use this to bring the …

Suriyavamsa 2014
01. Make It So - Imagining The Buddha (57:36)
Imagining the Tantric Gathering 

An evening with Padmavajra to round off our series of evenings on the Tantric Path.

Padmavajra 2017
01. Imagining the Tantric Gathering (1:08:09)
Imagining Gautama 

The second in a major new series of talks by Vishvapani to mark the launch of his new book: 'Gautama Buddha: The Life …

Vishvapani 2011
Indian Order Convention 2: Imaging the Order, and the Buddha 

Subhuti gave the second talk at the Indian Order Convention 2010. In this talk he draws out the significance of the'Re-imagining

Subhuti 2010
Led Meditation: Recollecting the Buddha 

Led Meditation imagining the Buddha through the verses of homage in the Tiratna Vandana.

Subhuti 2011
Seeing the Buddha - An Exploration of Aloka's Rupa 

In the context of Bhante and Subhuti's paper, Maitreyabandhu explores re-imagining the Buddha through …

Maitreyabandhu 2012
The Voice of the Buddha 

We've all read the words of the Buddha - but what did he SOUND like? What might it have been like to actually hear him...? …

Ratnaguna 2012
Empty Cave 

Reflections on Life, Practice and Enlightenment.

Saraha 2012
Meditation Essentials - Week Five - Self Dies to Life 

For the final instalment of the summer seminar Maitreyabandhu plunges further into the importance of imagining

Maitreyabandhu 2015
The Many Blessings of Sadhana 

Mahamati gave a talk on the many blessings of sadhana at the November 2018 UK and Ireland Men’s Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana. The …

Mahamati 2018