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This is the second talk from the 2008 Winter Retreat called Building the Buddha Land. This talk focuses on generosity

Lokeshvara 2008
01. Generosity (44:09)
Training in the Six Paramitas: Dana - the Perfection of Generosity 

This is the last talk in a six-part series by Padmavajra exploring the Perfection of Wisdom and specifically the practice …

Padmavajra 2004
01. Training in the Six Paramitas: Dana Paramita - the Perfection of Generosity (1:10:42)
Laying The Foundations - Generosity and Ethics 

The second in a series of four talks on the Bodhisattva ideal. Saddhaloka explains the importance of a firm grounding in …

Saddhaloka 2011
01. Laying The Foundations - Generosity and Ethics (45:47)
The Gesture of Generosity 

A talk by Vajratara on the Gesture of Generosity given as part of a series of talks on Stories and Symbols …

Vajratara 2006
01. The Gesture of Generosity (47:06)
Vijayasri - Generosity As A Foundation Of Positive Emotion 

This is another talk in our exploration of The Journey and The Guide. Vijayasri considers how having generosity

Vijayasri 2016
01. Vijayasri - Generosity As A Foundation Of Positive Emotion (40:36)
Generosity and Gratitude 

Dharmaprabha explores what generosity - dana – means. She discusses how we can engage with volunteering …

Dharmaprabha 2016
01. Generosity and Gratitude (19:08)
Learning to Do Good and the Practice of Generosity 

Continuing the Birmingham’s exploration of the theme “Cease to do evil, learn to do good, purify the heart, this …

Singhamati 2019
01. Learning to Do Good and the Practice of Generosity (25:20)
Ratnasambhava: Stories of Gold & Generosity 

Kusalasara gives the second talk exploring the mandala of the five buddhas at the London Buddhist Centre's 2019 Winter …

Kusalasara 2019
01. Ratnasambhava: Stories of Gold & Generosity (54:19)
Conditions on Generosity  

An exploration of the ways in which we restrict our generosity by putting ‘conditions’ on it, …

Vessantara 2020
Perfecting Generosity, Ethics and Patience 

This is the seventh talk in an eight part series by Padmavajra exploring a great classic of Tibetan Buddhism – Gampopa's …

Padmavajra 2008
01. Perfecting Generosity, Ethics and Patience (1:08:46)
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