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On Three Fetters 

Subhuti on Kalyan Mitrata Retreat, Bordharan , India

Subhuti 2013
01. On Three Fetters (1:03:14)
The Fetters of Desire and Ill Will 

Given at the West London Buddhist Centre in May 2015 as part of an Order Day programme.

Satyadhana 2015
01. The Fetters of Desire and Ill Will (45:16)
The Sangha or Buddhist Community 

The Sangha exists on different levels. Members of the purely spiritual or Noble Sangha have all broken some of the ten fetters, …

Sangharakshita 1968
04. The ten spiritual fetters in relation to the Stream Entrant: i. personality view (sakkaya-ditthi) (5:44)
07. The Once Returner and the ten fetters: iv. Desire for sensuous existence (kamachanda); v. Anger (vyapada) (5:59)
08. The Non-Returner, the Arahant and the ten fetters: vi. Desire for existence as form (ruparaga); vii. Desire for formless existence (aruparaga); viii. Conceit (mana); ix. Instability (uddhacca); x. Spiritual ignorance (avijja) (5:20)
Entering the Sangha 

In 'Entering the Sangha', Sangharakshita goes to Buddhafield! A first for him, and a first for the fabulous Buddhafield …

Sangharakshita 2007
07. The Buddha's teaching on the 'fetters' (samyojanas); 'sakaya drishti' ('fixed self-view') - identity, limitation and change; a creative attitude to self; transexual change and spiritual change (5:28)
09. 'Vicikiccha' ('sceptical doubt') - not making up your mind; Sangharakshita's positive counterparts to the three fetters - being creative, committed and clear (4:10)
From Enchantment to True Delight - Reflections On Stream Entry 

In this rich, comprehensive talk, Punyamala sets out the path from effective to Real Going For Refuge using the framework …

Punyamala 2009
The Individual, the Group and the Spiritual Community 

Part of the "What is the Sangha?" series of talks at the SFBC. Can we retain our individuality while practicing …

Karunadevi 2007
Reverence as a Path 

What do we revere? Is reverence a Buddhist practice? When we bow, does it mean we are unworthy?

Suvarnaprabha 2008
The Messengers of the Dharma 

The second of four talks given on the Padmaloka May National Order weekend. A very accurate look at our Order by Vajragupta …

Vajragupta 2010
The Therigatha and the Problem of Self 

This talk was part of a series of talks on the Therigatha. It starts by appreciating what a hard life it must have been …

Dassini 2010
Breaking the Bonds of Selfhood Through Serving the Dhamma 

Here is a strong, beautiful talk by Parami from the final day of the Triratna Buddhist Order's International Convention …

Parami 2013
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