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Title Speaker Year
Open Are the Doors of the Deathless 

The seventh in a series of seven talks given at the second Bodh Gaya International Order Retreat held in February 2016. The …

Subhuti 2016
Dogen's Advice For the Kitchen 

In this talk Danabhadri combines introducing Dogen with reflections on her experiences of being a cook at a retreat centre. …

Danabhadri 2011
O Quanto Você Deve Confiar Nos Ensinamentos Do Buda? / How Much Should You Trust the Teachings of the Buddha? 

Não estamos numa posição de submeter o Buda ou a sua Iluminação a uma prova científica …

Vaddhaka 2021
Discovering the Wish Fulfilling Jewel 

‘In the Buddhist tradition the wish-fulfilling gem has come to symbolise the bodhicitta, and this tells you something …

Vajratara 2022
Mind and Mental Events (Subhuti 2001) - Talk 7 

Lack of intrinsic awareness (ignorance) (avidya) is the fundamental mulaklesa that gives rise to the sense of ego-identity …

Subhuti 2001
Living As a River - Buddhist Geeks Interview 

Bodhipaksa joins the host of Buddhist Geeks, one of the internet's best-resourced Dharma podcasts, to explore the Buddha's …

Bodhipaksa 2010
The Enlightened Buddha In Context 

Subhuti speaks to young Buddhists at the London Buddhist Centre in October of 2011 about the enlightenment

Subhuti 2011
The Buddha and the Roseapple Tree 

In this Buddha Day talk, Sinhadakini explores the significance of the Roseapple Tree in the story of the Buddha's Enlightenment. …

Sinhadakini 2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 3 

Padmavajra makes a speacial appearance at Dharma Night to talk on the Seven Factors of Enlightenment. Buddhism …

Padmavajra 2018
The Refuge Tree As An Image 

This second talk in the series explores the ways in which the image of the Refuge Tree draws out the historical and trans-historical …

Padmasagara 2019
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