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Reflecting On the Life of the Buddha 

This is the first of four talks exploring Vasubandhu's Four Factors. In his treatise Generating Bodhi Resolve,

Saddhanandi 2010
04. Taking on the View That Enlightenment Is Possible (6:59)
Searching for the Buddha: Launch of Gautama Buddha 

The first in a major new series of talks by Vishvapani to mark the launch of his new book: Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings …

Vishvapani 2011
07. The Buddha notices fear and decides to confront it directly; opening awareness to experience; the key to Enlightenment as facing one’s fears and own mind; a suggestion about the figure of Mara; the difference between the Buddha and a shaman (5:05)
10. Conclusion and a reading from the book – the Buddha moving towards Enlightenment (3:33)
Introduction to the Brahma Viharas (With Guided Meditation) 

A beautiful introduction by Ratnavandana to the Brahma Viharas as an integrated set of practices flowing from metta - loving …

Ratnavandana 2015
08. A whole, integrated set of practices; a quote from Sangharakshita - the Brahma Viharas, emotion, and Enlightenment (06:59)
The Four Reminders Retreat, November 2018 

This is a series of talks and led practices from the Four Reminders retreat at Taraloka for GFR mitras held in November, …

Suchitta Khemasuri Singhashri 2018
03. Enlightenment factors: talk and led meditation (25:45)
Parami’s Personal Wishlist For the Next 20 Years 

At the 2019 Triratna Pan-American Convention in Mexico, Parami gives a strong, beautifully challenging talk about the future …

Parami 2019
07. For the attainment of Enlightenment, I accept this ordination; moving from 'Effective' to 'Real' Going for Refuge in the Order; that someone lay out clearly the principles around practices that conduce to 'Real' Going for Refuge (06:58)
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