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Title Speaker Year
Entering the Stream of the Dhamma (series) 

In this series of three talks given during the 2012 monsoon season in India, Subhuti speaks about delving deeply into the …

Subhuti 2012
The Journey and the Guide (series) 

Maitreyabandhu brings us skilfully through an eight-week seminar exploring a practical path to Enlightenment

Maitreyabandhu 2013
The Lion's Roar: Talks from the International Order Convention (series) 

Here is a selection of talks from the 2018 International Order Convention in Bodhgaya, India on the theme of ‘Sinhanada, …

Seeking the House Builder (series) 

In February 2015 Subhuti led an Order kalyana mitra retreat at Triratna's Three Jewels Centre in Bodhgaya. To help prepare …

Subhuti in Conversation (series) 

A series of conversations with Subhuti, on his presidential visit to the London Buddhist Centre in 2019, exploring why we …

Who is the Buddha? 

After an account of the Buddha's life, Sangharakshita asks how, if at all, such a man can be defined or categorised.

Sangharakshita 1968
05. Attaining Enlightenment (2:26)
On the Hymn to Perfect Wisdom 

This is the first talk in the series 'Night Lily Garden of the Midnight Way - Emptiness and the Great Compassion', …

Kulaprabha 2006
04. Wings of Enlightenment (14:36)
Entering the Mandala 

A very interesting introduction to the mandala here from Garava - the idea, the myth, the image, the symbol, the experience. …

Garava 2001
02. Defining a mandala; mandala as a depiction of a perfected universe, a vision of enlightenment and transformation (4:13)
06. The second barrier - the wall of vajras; the necessity of determination for enlightenment; trials of the spirit (6:31)
What Do We Really Know About the Buddha? 

A lovely talk here from the excellent Dhivan. Be prepared for the odd surprise as he considers the relationship between what …

Dhivan 2008
01. Introduction; Who was the Buddha; The Buddha both as a human being and archetypal representation of enlightenment (3:05)
Duties of Friendship in Buddhism 

A companion talk to Paramabandhu's '15 Points for Friendship', this is a good general evocation of the place …

Priyavadita 2001
04. Performing duties rather than expecting rights; generosity and Enlightenment; duty as a gateway to freedom (4:16)
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