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Title Speaker Year
The Dhammachakkha Pavatana Sutta 

The first Dharma study seminar reveals the essential character of Dharma Study as a means of knowing the Buddha’s mind …

Subhuti 2019
Study As Sadhana 

Just as visualisation is sadhana, leading through successive stages to Enlightenment, so is study, the stages …

Subhuti 2019
Making Our Mind Up 

The second step in bringing about the goal of Enlightenment is to firmly decide to do what is needed in …

Moksatara 2019
The Mythic Context of Dharma Teaching 

“A single bodhisattva may establish many hundreds of thousands of living beings in enlightenment without …

Ratnaguna 2019
Staying In Touch 

The third step in bringing about the goal of Enlightenment is remembering: recalling our desire and decision …

Bodhinaga 2019
Calling Out Mara: The Buddha's Striving 

In this talk Padmavajra gives a free commentary on the Padhana Sutta from the Sutta Nipata in which the Buddha, before his …

Padmavajra 2019
Happiness Comes From Within 

When the Buddha gained enlightenment 2,500 years ago he discovered and entered into a new way of being. …

Sanghajata 2019
Amoghasiddhi & The Call of the Forest 

Ksantikara delves us deeper into the mandala of the five Buddhas on the London Buddhist Centre's 2019 Winter Retreat. …

Ksantikara 2019
The Wheel, The Spiral and The Goal 

This series of talks explores three great Buddhist symbols that describe the way things are: the wheel of life, the spiral …

Vadanya 2020
The Bodhicitta Practice 

Towards the end of 2018 Satyaraja led the Padmaloka Winter Retreat, 'The Awakening of the Bodhi Heart'. This was …

Satyaraja 2020
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