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Title Speaker Year
Kasyapa and the Flower 

In a striking and inspiring talk, Paramananda tells the life story of the Buddha's disciple Kasyapa: the Buddha uniquely …

Paramananda 2017
Guided Buddhanusmrti At Bodhgaya 

On the 2018 Triratna Buddhist Order Convention at the traditional seat of the Buddha's Enlightenment, …

Purna 2018
Cutting the Bonds 

Vandanya introduces the 'Total Transformation - Heart, Heart and Guts' series. Using an analogy of a rider on a horse, he …

Vadanya 2018
The Jewel In the Lotus 

Suryamati explores the figure of Avalokiteshvara who represents heart aspect of Enlightenment, by looking …

Suryamati 2018
The Buddha's Life As a Journey of Integration 

As a part of the series on Akshobya and Integration at the Bristol Buddhist Centre, Taranita discusses several episode in …

Taranita 2018
The Green Buddha and the Green Man 

In this talk Sahajatara gives a wonderfully lively account of her spiritual Journey from Paganism towards Buddhism. She …

Sahajatara 2018
The Story of the Buddha’s Awakening 

The Story of the Buddha’s Awakening. Ratnaprabha came to the LBC for Buddha Day, the key festival celebrating the …

Ratnaprabha 2018
Winter Retreat 2017 - The Attack of Mara 

Danayutta brings the first chapter of the Buddha's story to a rousing conclusion: Mara, the Evil One, launches his last …

Danayutta 2017
The Worshipping Buddha 

Buddha Day Talk 2017. Subhadramati celebrates how the Buddha’s enlightenment is still capable of giving …

Subhadramati 2017
The Inconceivable Emancipation 

Jnanavaca delights us with this talk on the Buddha's Enlightenment. Starting with Freedom and joy and …

Jnanavaca 2017
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