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I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)


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Title Speaker Year
Rambles Around Buddhophany 1. Look For the Buddha; He's Really Worth Meeting 

For those interested in living a Dharma life there is a problem, we need to go beyond ourselves - but need to make effort. …

Subhuti 2011
Kisa Gotami Story 

How the Buddha helps a woman through bereavement to her commitment to enlightenment.

Jinananda 2011
The Five Great Stages of the Spiritual Path: Finding the Path 

This is the first in an excellent series of talks by Dayanandi at Manchester Buddhist Centre, on the five great stages of …

Dayanandi 2011
The Buddha Beyond Siddhartha 

The first half of the talk looks at the Buddha's early life and his battle with and the defeat of Mara. Then Dassini …

Dassini 2011
Like The Moon Released From A Cloud 

Suriyavamsa tells us the story of the murderer Angulimala, who has a complete change of heart after trying to catch and kill …

Suriyavamsa 2011
Spiritual Friendship 

Padmavajra explains the central importance of spiritual friendship as path to enlightenment.

Padmavajra 2011
May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers 

In this second of two talks during the Buddhafield East Buddhism and the Natural World retreat Sanghamani draws inspiration …

Sanghamani 2011
Buddhism, Sexuality and Identity 

From Pride to Enlightenment! How does your sexuality relate to your sense of self?

Munisha 2011
Mindfulness and the Mandala of Integration 

The second in a series of talks on the five great stages of spir­itual exper­i­ence that develop and unfold as …

Dayanandi 2011
Is the Buddha Dead - For Us 

In this talk on the Buddha's parinirvana, Vadanya explores how we can use our imagination to have a real living connection …

Vadanya 2011
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