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'For the Attainment of Enlightenment' 

When we Go for Refuge, we can only Go for Refuge to that which is lokuttara - 'beyond the world'. In the third …

Satyaraja 2021
01. 'For the Attainment of Enlightenment' (43:13)
'Just Say the Nembutsu and Be Saved by Amida': Pure Land From the Buddha to Shinran 

First talk from 'True Entrusting: Shinran, the Buddha and Bhante' Taraloka retreat. Is faith a complete path to …

Maitrisiddhi 2021
A Wreath of Blue Lotuses 

The Buddha's foster-mother asked him to let her go forth into homelessness like the existing monks, and she became the …

Sangharakshita 1982
09. Mahaprajapati’s success in Going Forth and gaining Enlightenment as recorded in the ‘Therigatha’ (4:43)
Absorption - After the Enlightenment 

How do you get used to being Enlightened? What happened to the Buddha in the weeks after his breakthrough experience? Kamalasila …

Kamalashila 2008
After the Enlightenment 

This powerful Buddha Day talk from Parami focusses on the seven weeks after the Buddha's enlightenment

Parami 2018
01. After the Enlightenment (56:48)
Alchemy of the Emotions 

Part 1 in the Mind Training Sangha Night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre 'Know the meaning of this text and …

Bodhinaga 2019
Amitabha's Infinite Light 

Part 10 in the Faces of Enlightenment Sangha night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Padmasagara …

Padmasagara 2019
Amoghasiddhi & The Call of the Forest 

Ksantikara delves us deeper into the mandala of the five Buddhas on the London Buddhist Centre's 2019 Winter Retreat. …

Ksantikara 2019
An Immovable Mountain 

Part 9 in the Faces of Enlightenment Sangha night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Aryadasa gives …

Aryadasa 2019
An Overview of the Life of the Buddha 

A powerful telling of the Buddha's early life, Vajratara uses some of the oldest Buddhist texts to tell the life story …

Vajratara 2010
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