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Title Speaker Year
The Buddha's Enlightenment - Seven Weeks of Enlightenment 

The first talk on the theme of the seven weeks after the Buddha's enlightenment. In this talk Subhuti …

Subhuti 2009
01. The Buddha's Enlightenment - Seven Weeks of Enlightenment (1:03:22)
What is Enlightenment? 

This is a quietly passionate talk by Jinapriya on the quicksilver nature of the Enlightenment experience …

Jinapriya 2003
02. A cognitive model - reflection as enjoyable and emotionally affecting; time on your hands; allowing ourselves to think about Enlightenment; avoiding religiosity - just looking and seeing (3:40)
03. Enlightenment is not an abstraction; the life of the Buddha - the 'Four Sights' and asceticism (4:23)
04. The Buddha's Enlightenment - Mara's attack; facing our greatest fears and doubts; the Buddha as a human being (4:08)
The Way to Enlightenment 

In a lecture to celebrate the anniversary of the Buddha's Enlightenment, Sangharakshita tells the story …

Sangharakshita 1972
02. The way to Enlightenment: stages of progress and actual events in the Buddha’s life (13:02)
07. Accepting help and the Enlightenment (11:09)
The Ideal of Human Enlightenment 

What is the ideal human being? This lecture introduces the ideal of human Enlightenment as an ideal springing …

Sangharakshita 1975
04. What is Enlightenment? i. awareness, knowledge, vision ii. compassion iii. energy (9:25)
05. How do we know Enlightenment is the Ideal for man? (9:11)
06. Where does the Ideal of Enlightenment come from? (2:24)
The Four Ordination Vows - 3. For the Attainment of Enlightenment 

This is the third in a four talk sequence by the Padmaloka Ordination Team on the WBO ordination vows:

Dharmadipa 2009
01. The Four Ordination Vows - 3. For the attainment of Enlightenment (35:13)
Root Ignorance and the Potential For Enlightenment 

Another talk given to young people but with uncompromising dhammic content. This time Subhuti takes us deep into the nature …

Subhuti 2008
01. Root Ignorance and the Potential For Enlightenment (1:01:48)
Enlightenment as Heart, Life as Whole 

One of the Lines of Acceptance of the WBO Ordination ceremony is "For the Attainment of Enlightenment, …

Saddhanandi 2005
02. Faith that Enlightenment is Possible (21:44)
Gazing At the Bodhi Tree, Gratitude - Seven Weeks of Enlightenment 

Second talk on the weeks following the Buddha's enlightenment. Following his enlightenment

Subhuti 2009
01. Gazing At the Bodhi Tree, Gratitude - Seven Weeks of Enlightenment (1:06:26)
Following the Buddha 1 - Leading Upto Enlightenment 

First of a series of talks exploring the Buddha's enlightenment. Subhuti describes the conditions that …

Subhuti 2010
01. Following the Buddha 1 - Leading Upto Enlightenment (58:24)
Energy, the Tantric Precepts and Enlightenment 

An exploration of what energy means in the spiritual life and how to work with it, especially referencing Sangharakshita's …

Vajratara 2011
01. Energy, the Tantric Precepts and Enlightenment (56:55)
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