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Title Speaker Year
Dhardo Rimpoche and the Bodhisattva Tradition 

Here is another excellent talk on Dhardo Rimpoche, the great 20th Century Tibetan teacher who embodied the …

Padmavajra 2002
01. Dhardo Rimpoche and the Bodhisattva Tradition (1:05:56)
The Message of Dhardo Rimpoche 

Sangharakshita's lecture on the anniverasry of his friend and teacher Dhardo Rimpoche's death explains …

Sangharakshita 1991
01. Dhardo Rimpoche’s universally-applicable message (12:09)
Dhardo Rimpoche 

Der tibetische Meister Dhardo Rimpoche lebte von 1919 bis 1999 und war einer der wichtigsten Lehrer Sangharakshitas, …

Jnanacandra 2009
01. Warum Ein Vortrag über Dhardo Rimpoche (4:18)
02. Dhardo Rimpoches Frühe Kindheit (4:21)
07. Dhardo Als Abt Des Tibetischen Klosters In Bodhgaya (4:34)
08. Dhardo In Kalimpong Und Als Abt Des Klosters Yi Ga Choling (2:32)
15. Moksananda über Dhardo Rimpoche (3:43)
Die Botschaft von Dhardo Rimpoche 

In 2010 wird in Vimaladhatu ein Stupa erbaut werden, der einen Teil der Asche des tibetischen Meisters Dhardo

Jnanacandra 2009
01. Die Botschaft von Dhardo Rimpoche (41:40)
Triratna Day - Dhardo Rinpoche, Stupa Building and Sangha 

A lovely talk given by Nagabodhi on Triratna Day at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, with an introduction by Dayalocana. Here, Nagabodhi …

Nagabodhi 2014
01. Triratna Day - Dhardo Rinpoche, Stupa Building and Sangha (1:01:44)
Dhardo Rimpoche and His Motto - Cherish the Doctrine. Live United. Radiate Love. 

An inspiring talk by Padmavajra about Dhardo Rimpoche and his motto - Cherish the doctrine. Live united. …

Padmavajra 2014
01. Talk on Dhardo Rimpoche (1:20:19)
Dhardo Rimpoche: Living Bodhisattva/Ideal Dharmachari 

In this first talk, Padmasagara evokes Dhardo Rimpoche by giving an account of his life and states five …

Padmasagara 2019
01. Dhardo Rimpoche: Living Bodhisattva/Ideal Dharmachari (1:02:15)
Shining the Light of Tara - Inspiration From Dhardo Rimpoche For These Fearful Times 

On the thirtieth anniversary of death of Urgyen Sangharakshita's teacher - Dhardo Rimpoche, Padmavajra …

Padmavajra 2020
01. Shining the Light of Tara - Inspiration From Dhardo Rimpoche For These Fearful Times (1:13:43)
The Six Distinctive Emphases of the FWBO 

In his first public appearance since his eyesight began to deteriorate, Sangharakshita begins this new talk with reflections …

Sangharakshita 2002
12. vi. Spiritual Friendship - Dhardo Rimpoche (7:35)
Live United 

In this third talk Padmavajra explores the second part of Dhardo Rimpoche's message. As well as …

Padmavajra 2019
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