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Title Speaker Year
Confession as a Path to Transcendental Insight 

In a talk to the Western Buddhist Order, Sanghadevi looks at the relationship between Buddhist confession

Sanghadevi 1999
01. Confession as a Path to Transcendental Insight (56:51)
The Spiritual Significance of Confession 

"And there he saw a man beating that drum. Then from the sound of the drum he heard these confessional verses." …

Sangharakshita 1976
02. The importance of confession (9:17)
05. Confession (10:01)
07. ii. To whom is a confession made? (4:38)
11. vi. The effects of confession (6:16)
Confession and Craving 

This is the fourth talk in the series 'Evolution and the meaning of life'. To take the next evolutionary step, we …

Manjuvajra 2013
01. Confession and Craving (1:00:18)
Sutra of Golden Light - Confession 

Second of a series of 3 talks given in July 2015 at Padmaloka on a 4 days Going for Refuge retreat on the theme The Sutra …

Padmavajra 2015
01. Sutra of Golden Light - Confession (1:06:43)
Confession: Refining Our Ethical Sensitivities 

This is the next in our series on Transforming Self and World through the sevenfold puja. In this talk Dharmasri helps …

Dharmasri 2016
01. Confession: Refining Our Ethical Sensitivities (40:20)

In this talk Dassini looks at the individual nature of practising ethics, the need for metta in response to guilt, how to …

Dassini 2018
01. Confession (44:48)
Introducing the Vajrasattva Sadhana(4); Confession - Sangharama 

Dh.Subhuti introducing the Vajrasattava Sadhana(4), confession in the Sangharama held at Bhaja Retreat Center …

Subhuti 2020
01. Introducing the Vajrasattva Sadhana(4); Confession - Sangharama (40:48)
Reflections On Vajrasattva - Purity, Confession and Death 

Talk given by Dhammadinna as part of the Vajrasattva Festival Day at the London Buddhist Centre on Sunday 13th February

Dhammadinna 2010
01. Reflections On Vajrasattva - Purity, Confession and Death (52:32)
Confession, Mindfulness and Pure Awareness 

Subhuti on Kalyan Mitrata Retreat at Bhaja, India.

Subhuti 2013
01. Confession, Mindfulness and Pure Awareness (1:12:59)
Holding Ourselves Up to the Golden Light 

Saddharaja describes the rainy season in India and its role in the origin of confession practice in Buddhism. …

Saddharaja 2019
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