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Title Speaker Year
Reason and Emotion in the Spiritual Life: Right Resolve 

We all need to find emotional equivalents to our intellectual understandings if our spiritual practice is to progress. The …

Sangharakshita 1968
10. Compassion – Karuna (10:35)
The Bodhisattva Hierarchy 

After a full explanation of the importance of being receptive to those more developed than ourselves, we are introduced to …

Sangharakshita 1969
05. The three great spiritual emotions of the Buddhist spiritual life: i. shraddha (‘faith’) ii. compassion iii. love (6:24)
13. Avalokitesvara – the Compassion aspect of Enlightenment (3:47)
16. Tara – the quintessence of Compassion (2:20)

Kamalashila has spent a lot of his adult life exploring meditation - and this talk is a lovely little foray into the whole …

Kamalashila 2004
14. Returning to earth and befriending the elements; the extremity of artificiality in present culture; Buddhafield as an attempt to find simplicity; true simplicity as whatever allows more room for compassion and wisdom (3:38)
The Awakening Heart 

This is the first talk in the series of the same name. It touches on aspects of Sangharakshita's 'system of meditation', …

Parami 2006
07. Levels of compassion: situational response to suffering; metta bhavana and bodhicitta; unconditional compassion dissolves all separation (8:18)
10. Mahayana ethics: compassion and wisdom; maximizing connectedness; energizing effect of engaged ethics as a tool for living (4:52)
11. Bhante’s talk on geo-ethical perspective; peace and non-violence; love for indivisible humanity; Shantideva on universal compassion (8:07)
The Defects and Dangers of Samsara 

The final talk in a five-part series from Tiratanaloka's retreat on the 'Four Mind Turnings' of the Tibetan tradition. …

Maitreyi 2005
08. Becoming disentangled from samsara; compassion arising from observing suffering (3:11)
Initiation into the Alchemy of Love 

This is the first in a great three-part series on 'The Alchemy of Love', Padmavajra's exploration of the transformative …

Padmavajra 2004
03. Capitalist tyranny and alchemy; Bodhichitta as elixir, agent of transformation; Wisdom, Love and Compassion perfectly conjoined (4:33)
The Tiger's Cave 

This is the first in an excellent 8-talk sequence by Padmavajra on Zen Buddhism. The series is full of colourful stories …

Padmavajra 2004
01. The tiger's cave, tangling eyebrows with zen masters; Bill Oddie's friend and the tiger; the compassion of the Masters; the lion and the bull (13:51)
Touching the Void 

In this moving talk Jnanavaca relates events in Joe Simpson's popular mountaineering book 'Touching the Void' …

Jnanavaca 2004
14. Einstein on compassion (1:28)
The Ten Pillars of Buddhism 

The Ten Pillars are the ten ethical principles, which provide a comprehensive guide to the moral dimension of human life. …

Sangharakshita 1984
31. The Ninth Precept: hatred and compassion (5:40)
Mindfulness as Sadhana 

In this talk, Viveka explores the many, diverse faces of mindfulness practice - breaking down the ideological barriers that …

Viveka 2005
03. Ordination; recollection - quote by Sangharakshita; samprajana - mindfulness of purpose; in western China, eastern Tibet - reminders of compassion; beware of stagnation (4:55)
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