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I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)

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Title Speaker Year
Réflexions sur soi et autre 

Une causerie de Vajrapushpa pour la sangha de Paris qui explore le paradoxe et les tensions existants entre le développement …

Vajrapushpa 2012
Aspects of Going For Refuge 

In this short series given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in early 2016, Vessantara explores Sangharakshitas idea that …

Vessantara 2016
Ritual, A Path to Truth and Self Transcendence 

Speaking at Nottingham Buddhist centre, Samantabhadri gives a keynote talk on ritual and its place and potential within the …

Samantabhadri 2016
The Preciousness of This Body 

Also entitling this talk, This Very Precious opportunity, Samantabhadri speaks about the first reminder on a reflection retreat …

Samantabhadri 2016
Insight Into Dukkha_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015 

Number eight in a series from a 12 day meditation retreat on metta as a path to insight from May 2015. What needs to be …

Dayajoti 2015
The Moon 

Paramananda, in this free-ranging talk to WLBC Sangha night, explains how the moon's soft light represents compassion, …

Paramananda 2016
Jewel In Darkness 

Meet Kshitigarbha, Bodhisattva of compassion without limits. This mythic figure is able to fully encounter …

Maitrisiddhi 2016
Breaking Through to Buddhahood 

In this talk Suddhaka explores how we can use Buddhist practice to transform our conditioning into the beautiful qualities …

Suddhaka 2017
Did the Buddha Have Un-Judging Awareness? 

In preparation to review Shrewsbury's ethical guidelines, Saravantu gives a short talk on seeing through the lens of …

Saravantu 2017
Bright Blue Sky, Deep Blue Sea 

Amitabha is one of the most well-known archetypal Buddhas, whose qualities of love and compassion attract …

Suryadarshini 2017
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