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Title Speaker Year
Transformar El Mundo Transformándose Uno Mismo - Mindfulness Y Compassion 

En esta charla exploraremos como la atención consciente y la compasión pueden abrazar completamente nuestra …

Dharmakirti 2013
01. Transformar El Mundo Transformándose Uno Mismo - Mindfulness Y Compassion (1:04:32)
Self Compassion For the Sake of All Beings 

A talk in English to a Swedish audience, 5th March 2016, Dhammagiri Retreat Center, Sweden.

Munisha 2016
01. Self compassion for the sake of all beings (54:43)
When Wisdom Meets Compassion - Transforming Social Inequalities Through Liberation of Self 

As part of Manchester Buddhist Centre's International Women's Day event, Satyamuni reflects on whether social and …

Satyamuni 2017
01. When Wisdom Meets Compassion - Transforming Social Inequalities through Liberation of Self (00:00)
Changing Hatred Into Compassion 

The ninth precept is the topic for Samudraghosha. He is an accomplished Dharma teacher who is noted for the thoroughness …

Samudraghosa 2018
01. Changing hatred into compassion (00:00)
The Monkey King's Compassion & The Jataka Tales 

The Jatakas are rich source of stories that expand our view of the Buddha into a legendary figure who developed virtues over …

Vishvapani 2019
01. The Monkey King's Compassion & The Jataka Tales (00:00)
Compassionate Koans - the Heart of the Matter 

An excellent, personal set of reflections by Vijayamala on the relationship between our longing and our pain. The buddhist …

Vijayamala 2005
01. The human condition - the constant arising of phenomena and the human response of compassion (4:33)
03. Feeling frustrated about one's own suffering; a mahamudra view of compassion; quote from Edna St Vincent Millay; a positivity inherent in resisting suffering - the Bodhichitta (5:12)
04. The problem of longing; developing compassion in meditation (2:35)
06. Compassion as an intrinsic part of reality; Mandarava in 'The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava'; bodhisattvas continue to suffer for lifetimes (4:18)
08. Compassion and interconnectedness as continuingly manifesting; a personal experience in meditation; staying open to reality as an expression of faith (6:36)
The Origin and Development of the Bodhisattva Ideal 

The Bodhisattva ideal was emphasized by those among the early Buddhists who considered that they could learn from the Buddha's …

Sangharakshita 1969
12. Wisdom and Compassion: the Bodhisattva Ideal (4:55)
Violence and Emptiness 

A short but sweet talk from San Francisco's very own Suvarnaprabha, in which she explores the Buddhist vision of compassion

Suvarnaprabha 2005
02. Violence as resistance in meditation; compassion as not resisting experience (3:31)
04. The vastness of compassion; the difficulty of talking about shunyata and compassion (2:41)
The Arising of the Bodhichitta 

Two contradictory trends are discernible in spiritual life: withdrawing from the world and compassion for …

Sangharakshita 1965
06. Conditions for the basis upon which the Bodhichitta arises: withdrawal from the world – wisdom;involvement in the world – compassion; Vasubandhu’s four factors (12:35)
On the Hymn to Perfect Wisdom 

This is the first talk in the series 'Night Lily Garden of the Midnight Way - Emptiness and the Great Compassion', …

Kulaprabha 2006
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