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Title Speakersorted Year
Dr Ambedkar's Eighteenth Vow 

The eighteenth vow that Dr Ambedkar recommended at the time of conversion to Buddhism is about living by the principles of …

Achala 2012
Buddhism and Ecology 

This is a fascinating, challenging and, in the end, realistically affirming look at Buddhist practice in the face of global …

Akuppa 2005
05. Elephants in Buddhist history - Jataka Tales, Pali Canon; learning from the scientific perspective - increased capacity for compassion; an ecological ethic (6:08)
The Lion's Roar of the Buddha In Caste Society 

Today's theme for the 2018 Order Convention is the 'lion's roar" of the Buddha. And here is Amitamati …

Amitamati 2018
Love Sangha and Amitabha 

Amitasuri introduces us to Amitabha: Buddha of love and compassion, looking at the love and sangha aspects …

Amitasuri 2012
Compassion In the Modern World 

More than feeling, more than emotion as we know it; compassion is the Enlightened response to a suffering …

Arthasiddhi 2019
01. Compassion in the modern world (00:00)
Religion Without God, Part 4 - Magic For the Modern World 

The final talk in 'Religion without God', a four-part series looking at how you can have a full spiritual life as …

Candradasa 2012
14. Vessantara's long retreat - projects and the self; a shot at radical magical transformation; a danger; the importance of kindness to insight; magic spells; the Buddha under the tree; the vision of lotuses, metta, compassion (anukampa); completed by love (8:05)
Insight Into Dukkha_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015 

Number eight in a series from a 12 day meditation retreat on metta as a path to insight from May 2015. What needs to be …

Dayajoti 2015
Suffering and Joy - Compost For Love 

A talk during the setup for Buddhafield Festival 2013 (theme 'Fire in the Heart') on the Four Brahma Viharas.

Dayajoti 2013
07. The Meaning of Compassion (0:57)
08. Joy and Compassion (2:23)
Bodies of Earth - Beyond Me and Mine - Dukkha 

Talk from a two-week women's retreat at Eco-Dharma in May of 2012 entitled 'Bodies of Earth: Beyond Me and Mine.

Dayajoti 2012
07. Dukkha to Compassion (10:05)

A talk in the series Buddhism and the Big Question, given by Dayanandi at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 26th November.

Dayanandi 2011
01. Compassion (49:04)
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