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Title Speaker Year
Chanting Indian Style (with Flute Music) 

Here's a live recording from the original 'Dharmachakra Tapes' catalogue, with some wonderful chanting

Chandrabodhi 1989
01. Chanting; i. Refuges and precepts (3:35)
Chanting For the Buddha 

Bodhilila describes the role of chanting and ritual in Buddhism, with special focus on ceremonies composed …

Bodhilila 2017
01. Chanting for the Buddha - talk (38:00)
Heart Sutra Chanting In Sanskrit 

These fours tracks may help with learning/teaching the Heart Sutra in Sanskrit. Hridayagita has used Sangharakshita's …

Hridayagita 2018
The Sevenfold Puja (in Sanskrit and English) 

Here's a recording of a special puja from the American Order Convention 2008. It's unusual to hear the Sevenfold …

Various 2008
11. Chanting of the White Tara mantra for Dharmachari Punya (27:37)
Chanting - Indian Style 

A rendering, Indian style, of classic Buddhist chants offering reverence to the Buddha, his teaching, and the community of …

Various 2003

Ok, buckle up. 'Padmasambhava' by Danavira is, as we've come to expect from the man, a rollicking ride of a talk. …

Danavira 2001
The FWBO Sevenfold Puja 

The Sevenfold Puja in English, led by Sangharakshita, including recitation of the Heart Sutra in English, and chanting

Soulful Mantras 

Taken from Mahasukha's album 'Soulful Spirit', here are two mantra recordings in his own evocative style. The …

Mahasukha 2010
Metta Sutta In Pali 

Dassini chanting the Metta Sutta in the Pali language.

Dassini 2011
The Power of Love 

Padmavajra begins this talk with the chanting of The Karaniya Metta Sutta, in order to invoke 'the blessing …

Padmavajra 2013
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