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The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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Title Speakersorted Year
Mindfulness As Sacred Simplicity 

Mindfulness seems to be popping everywhere: in Vishvapani’s work as a mindfulness teacher, he engages with everyone …

Vishvapani 2017
Love and Loss 

Vishvapani speaks at the Dharma Parlour at Buddhafield Festival 2018, July 22 2018. The theme of the …

Vishvapani 2018
The Power of Empathy 

In this excellent talk, Vajrasara explores metta (loving kindness), the subtle art of listening, and Kuan Yin, the mysterious …

Vajrasara 2010
Embracing Love 

Vajrasara explores the joys and challenges of love, empathy, passion and compassion on the spiritual journey. A talk given …

Vajrasara 2012
Enough Is More Than Enough 

Vajrasara explores sufficiency, attitudes around plenty, and the creative spiral of abundance.

Vajrasara 2011
Meditating With Your Child 

Upayavira was ordained in 2000, and became a parent soon after. Since then he has been exploring, often through necessity, …

Upayavira 2015
Buddhafield - Top Down Meets Ground Up 

Talk given at Men's National Order Weekend, Padmaloka April 2011.

Satyajit 2011
01. Buddhafield - Top Down Meets Ground Up (46:51)
Awakening to the Earth - An Inconceivably Vast Undertaking 

A very personal talk by Satyajit, one of the founders of Buddhafield, exploring his approach to the connections …

Satyajit 2013
Buddhafield" Lifestyle As Practice 

A talk given by Satyadaya at Manchester Buddhist Centre on Lifestyle as Practice in the context of visiting, working and …

Satyadaya 2017
01. Buddhafield" Lifestyle As Practice (00:00)
Diamond Geezer to Diamond Sutra 

Satyadaya speaks at the Dharma Parlour at Buddhafield Festival 2018, July 21 2018. The theme of the Festival …

Satyadaya 2018
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