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The Buddha's Gift To The World 

The Buddha as Spiritual Friend: Enlightenment to old age. Vajratara condenses nearly 50 years of the Buddhas …

Vajratara 2010
01. The Buddha's Gift To The World (55:39)
The Buddha's Analysis of Social Disharmony 

On a trip to visit the Hungarian Romany community early in 2010 Subhuti encountered potentially explosive social tensions. …

Subhuti 2010
01. The Buddha's Analysis of Social Disharmony (1:05:13)
The Buddha's Buddha Pride: Stories From the Pali Canon 

Lokabandhu tells three stories of the Buddha taken from the Pali Canon, …

Lokabandhu 2016
01. The Buddha's Buddha Pride: Stories from the Pali Canon (39:33)
The Buddha In the Pali Canon 

The first in a series of talks for Sangha night about the Buddha in the Pali C

Ratnaghosha 2015
01. The Buddha in the Pali Canon (47:22)
The Buddha In the Pali Canon 

Saddharaja introduces the Summer session of Sangha Nights which will be focussing on suttas and stories from the Pali

Saddharaja 2019
01. The Buddha in the Pali Canon (33:43)
The Buddha and the Mahasiddhas 

Talk five of the eight-part series entitled The Crazy Wisdom of the Mahasiddhas. The Buddha was the first …

Padmavajra 2007
01. The Buddha and the Mahasiddhas (1:04:30)
The Advice to Rahula 

This talk is part of a series exploring suttas from the Majjhima Nikaya (the middle length discourses of the Buddha). Amaraghosha …

Amaraghosha 2017
Searching for the Buddha: Launch of Gautama Buddha 

The first in a major new series of talks by Vishvapani to mark the launch of his new book: Gautama Buddha: …

Vishvapani 2011
02. A biography of a figure of world historical importance, Gautama Buddha, the founder of one of the great religious cultures of the world; different aspects of the Buddha – timeless forms, legends (6:46)
03. The act of engaging with the historical Buddha is an act of imagination; the Buddha’s physical appearance and his presence; the Buddha’s relationship with the natural world (2:56)
04. How do we relate to the natural world in our culture? Seeing is as idealized, tamed, controlled, spoiled by us; importance of seeing the Buddha in his own historical and cultural context (2:08)
05. The environment in which the Buddha grew up; agriculture and the Trade Roads; the Buddha as a sramana (religious wanderer) (3:11)
06. The Discourse On Fear and Dread – dialogue with Janussoni; four great forests dominating northern India; landscape of the Buddha’s time; dangers in the jungle; shrines to guard humans from spirits of the wilderness; the Buddha’s own story of practice (5:09)
07. The Buddha notices fear and decides to confront it directly; opening awareness to experience; the key to Enlightenment as facing one’s fears and own mind; a suggestion about the figure of Mara; the difference between the Buddha and a shaman (5:05)
08. Glimpses of the Buddha on his own in his self-mastery; taming spirits and opening up a new relationship with nature; the hidden treasures and poetry of the Pali Canon (2:01)
09. The Theragatha, the Buddha’s enlightened disciples recall their experiences; uncovering the roots of terror and changing our relationship with nature; something missing from the Mahayana; lessons for us in returning the Buddha to his own time and place (5:11)
10. Conclusion and a reading from the book – the Buddha moving towards Enlightenment (3:33)
12. Question 2 – Reconsidering the Pali Canon; T. S. Eliot on Ben Jonson; finding the right translators (2:38)
15. Question 5 – Quotes in a text; writing with lots of sources; making the Pali Canon more accessible, bringing the Buddha to life (5:35)
16. Question 6 – The legendary aspects of the Buddha’s story; the Buddha facing West – the mythic narrative (3:28)
Puja to the Buddha drawn from the Pali Canon 

Vajradevi leads a beautiful sevenfold puja compiled by Maitrisiddhi from the Pali Canon, …

Vajradevi 2019
Magandiya and the Higher Hedonism 

What does the Buddha think about what we call pleasure?

Saraha 2011
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