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Title Speaker Year
The Buddha and the Mahasiddhas 

Talk five of the eight-part series entitled The Crazy Wisdom of the Mahasiddhas. The Buddha was the first …

Padmavajra 2007
01. The Buddha and the Mahasiddhas (1:04:30)
The Advice to Rahula 

This talk is part of a series exploring suttas from the Majjhima Nikaya (the middle length discourses of the Buddha). Amaraghosha …

Amaraghosha 2017
In Response to the Killing of George Floyd...What Would Buddha Do? (part 2) 

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to …

Danadasa 2020
01. In response to the killing of George Floyd...What Would Buddha Do? (part 2) (40:52)
As Garlands From a Heap of Flowers 

Vasakha was a generous laywoman disciple of the Buddha. In this story from the Pali

Jvalamalini 2017
The Central Teaching of the Buddha: An Exploration of the Profound Teaching of Conditionality 

Paramabandhu explores in great breadth and depth the profound and central teaching of the Buddha: conditionality. …

Paramabandhu 2018
01. The Central Teaching of the Buddha: An Exploration of the Profound Teaching of Conditionality (58:53)
Encounters with Enlightenment 

Saddhaloka is the author of a book of re-tellings of stories from the Pali Canon, the oldest …

Saddhaloka 2001
01. Saddhaloka's first encounters with the Buddha; Nanamoli's Life of the Buddha; Bringing the Buddha alive in stories (5:02)
02. The Pali Canon; passing down and compiling the teachings; changes to stories over time; the Dhammapada (4:47)
09. The Story of the Buddha's Sneeze (2:58)
11. Stories from the Buddha's Final Days (2:54)
The Buddha's Analysis of Social Disharmony 

On a trip to visit the Hungarian Romany community early in 2010 Subhuti encountered potentially explosive social tensions. …

Subhuti 2010
01. The Buddha's Analysis of Social Disharmony (1:05:13)
Why Read the Sutta Nipata? 

Why Read the Sutta Nipata?

Suriyavamsa 2010
Encountering The Buddha 

Padmavajra evokes The Buddha through two very different encounters from The Pali Canon, …

Padmavajra 2011
01. Encountering The Buddha (50:58)
The Last Days Of The Buddha 

The Buddha's last days, as recorded in the Pali Canon, can teach us …

Vajrashura 2011
01. The Last Days Of The Buddha (38:49)
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