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Title Speaker Year
The Buddha In the Pali Canon 

The first in a series of talks for Sangha night about the Buddha in the Pali C

Ratnaghosha 2015
01. The Buddha in the Pali Canon (47:22)
The Buddha's Buddha Pride: Stories From the Pali Canon 

Lokabandhu tells three stories of the Buddha taken from the Pali Canon, …

Lokabandhu 2016
01. The Buddha's Buddha Pride: Stories from the Pali Canon (39:33)
The Buddha In the Pali Canon 

Saddharaja introduces the Summer session of Sangha Nights which will be focussing on suttas and stories from the Pali

Saddharaja 2019
01. The Buddha in the Pali Canon (33:43)
Puja to the Buddha drawn from the Pali Canon 

Vajradevi leads a beautiful sevenfold puja compiled by Maitrisiddhi from the Pali Canon, …

Vajradevi 2019
Encounters with Enlightenment 

Saddhaloka is the author of a book of re-tellings of stories from the Pali Canon, the oldest …

Saddhaloka 2001
01. Saddhaloka's first encounters with the Buddha; Nanamoli's Life of the Buddha; Bringing the Buddha alive in stories (5:02)
02. The Pali Canon; passing down and compiling the teachings; changes to stories over time; the Dhammapada (4:47)
09. The Story of the Buddha's Sneeze (2:58)
11. Stories from the Buddha's Final Days (2:54)
The Buddha's Analysis of Social Disharmony 

On a trip to visit the Hungarian Romany community early in 2010 Subhuti encountered potentially explosive social tensions. …

Subhuti 2010
01. The Buddha's Analysis of Social Disharmony (1:05:13)
The Buddha's Gift To The World 

The Buddha as Spiritual Friend: Enlightenment to old age. Vajratara condenses nearly 50 years of the Buddhas …

Vajratara 2010
01. The Buddha's Gift To The World (55:39)
The Buddha's Personality 

The third in a major new series of talks by Vishvapani to mark the launch of his new book: 'Gautama Buddha: …

Vishvapani 2011
01. Launching a book; getting ordained and meditation in that context; Going for Refuge and the Enlightened Mind; opening up to an expansive space; the blinking open of the Dharma Eye (the experience of Upali); reflections of the Buddha in archetypal forms (6:28)
02. Reflecting on the Buddha who is time-bound and distinct as individual; Wagner’s failed attempt to write an opera about the Buddha; Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba The Greek and the Buddha; Nietzsche on the Buddha; seeing the Buddha as against life itself (3:26)
03. Why the Buddha can appear an abstract figure; the 32 marks of an Enlightened being; what might a Buddha look like? The Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta and Pukkusati; hagiography; the Buddha with Ananda – subject to old age (4:30)
04. What kind of person was he? How we learn about what the Buddha was like; the Buddha’s decision to teach as a psychological process; bother and hassle; love of solitude and the welfare of beings; the Buddha and the bull elephant in the forest (6:16)
05. The Buddha as a kind man; force-field of loving kindness (metta); the Buddha’s parody of the sramana community - unwillingness to engage in debates; how the Buddha chose to teach, skilful communication based on what’s of value to people (6:40)
06. The Buddha as funny; dung beetles and monks greedy for food; a bizarre ritual for a king; a distinctive humorous voice – a whiny verse from the Dhammapada and the Buddha as an old man (3:38)
07. The Buddha as intensely creative; relative dullness of Abhidharma; similes and metaphors for the mind; the Buddha remaking contemporary ways of thinking, myth and language; Vepacitti, King of the Asuras, mind-forged manacles; intricate intelligence (4:19)
08. ‘Knowing’ the Buddha as very familiar and a close friend; the Buddha as most himself in moments of inspired utterance; the Buddha of negation; a vivid presence we cannot fully comprehend (2:34)
Why Read the Sutta Nipata? 

Why Read the Sutta Nipata?

Suriyavamsa 2010
Encountering The Buddha 

Padmavajra evokes The Buddha through two very different encounters from The Pali Canon, …

Padmavajra 2011
01. Encountering The Buddha (50:58)
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