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Metta is something that must be lived


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Why Read the Sutta Nipata? 

Why Read the Sutta Nipata?

Suriyavamsa 2010
The Wisdom of Letting Go Revealed In the Story of the Buddha's Enlightenment 

A classic Wesak talk based around sections from the Pali Canon on the story of the Buddha's …

Akasati 2013
01. The Wisdom of Letting Go Revealed In the Story of the Buddha's Enlightenment (40:25)
The Way to the Beyond 

The final talk in the series The Buddha in the Pali Canon is a substantial …

Sanghadevi 2015
The Udana - Talk 1 - The Bliss of Liberation 

This talk is the first of four talks by Padmavajra on a men's Going for Refuge retreat, December 2012.

Padmavajra 2012
The Taming of the Shrewd 

Another in our series of talks on The Buddha in the Pali Canon, on the …

Samamati 2015
The Mustard Seed 

As part of a series of talks for Sangha Night, entitled The Buddha in the Pali Canon, …

Viryajyoti 2015
The Last Days Of The Buddha 

The Buddha's last days, as recorded in the Pali Canon, can teach us …

Vajrashura 2011
01. The Last Days Of The Buddha (38:49)
The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 4 

This is the fourth in a sparkling, wide-ranging, thoroughly comprehensive ten talk series by Padmavajra on 'The Diamond …

Padmavajra 2005
02. The possession of marks (lakshana sampad); Vedic myth - the cosmic man; the wheel-turning monarch; the Buddha's humanity (4:56)
03. The Buddha and his marks in the Pali Canon (2:44)
04. The Buddha's marks in the Mahayana; the Merit Body of the Buddha; other bodies (3:42)
05. How do we view and resonate with the ideal of Enlightenment? The person of the Buddha - personhood (3:12)
06. The effect of the Protestant Reformation on images; images of the Buddha; significant images (5:19)
08. Looking deeply into the form of the Buddha; Ruskin on Apollo; entrances to the inconceivable (4:47)
The Central Teaching of the Buddha: An Exploration of the Profound Teaching of Conditionality 

Paramabandhu explores in great breadth and depth the profound and central teaching of the Buddha: conditionality. …

Paramabandhu 2018
01. The Central Teaching of the Buddha: An Exploration of the Profound Teaching of Conditionality (58:53)
The Buddha's Personality 

The third in a major new series of talks by Vishvapani to mark the launch of his new book: 'Gautama Buddha: …

Vishvapani 2011
01. Launching a book; getting ordained and meditation in that context; Going for Refuge and the Enlightened Mind; opening up to an expansive space; the blinking open of the Dharma Eye (the experience of Upali); reflections of the Buddha in archetypal forms (6:28)
02. Reflecting on the Buddha who is time-bound and distinct as individual; Wagner’s failed attempt to write an opera about the Buddha; Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba The Greek and the Buddha; Nietzsche on the Buddha; seeing the Buddha as against life itself (3:26)
03. Why the Buddha can appear an abstract figure; the 32 marks of an Enlightened being; what might a Buddha look like? The Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta and Pukkusati; hagiography; the Buddha with Ananda – subject to old age (4:30)
04. What kind of person was he? How we learn about what the Buddha was like; the Buddha’s decision to teach as a psychological process; bother and hassle; love of solitude and the welfare of beings; the Buddha and the bull elephant in the forest (6:16)
05. The Buddha as a kind man; force-field of loving kindness (metta); the Buddha’s parody of the sramana community - unwillingness to engage in debates; how the Buddha chose to teach, skilful communication based on what’s of value to people (6:40)
06. The Buddha as funny; dung beetles and monks greedy for food; a bizarre ritual for a king; a distinctive humorous voice – a whiny verse from the Dhammapada and the Buddha as an old man (3:38)
07. The Buddha as intensely creative; relative dullness of Abhidharma; similes and metaphors for the mind; the Buddha remaking contemporary ways of thinking, myth and language; Vepacitti, King of the Asuras, mind-forged manacles; intricate intelligence (4:19)
08. ‘Knowing’ the Buddha as very familiar and a close friend; the Buddha as most himself in moments of inspired utterance; the Buddha of negation; a vivid presence we cannot fully comprehend (2:34)
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