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Title Speakersorted Year
Suffering and Joy - Compost For Love 

A talk during the setup for Buddhafield Festival 2013 (theme 'Fire in the Heart') on the Four Brahma

Dayajoti 2013
02. The Four Brahma Viharas (2:22)
A Personal Take On Metta Practice 

Jvalamalini, as part of the 2015 Rainy Season Retreat on the Brahma Viharas, gives a very …

Jvalamalini 2015
Compassion and Wisdom 

In this day event, Kamalashila explores compassion and wisdom by using the Brahma vihara meditations. He …

Kamalashila 2016
01. Introduction to compassion, wisdom and the Brahma viharas (1:26:25)
03. Linking compassion, wisdom, the Brahma viharas, dhyana and the Arupalokas (1:26:25)
Brahma Viharas and the Key Moment 

Kulaprabha has been involved co-leading retreats on the Brahma Viharas for about 15 years. …

Kulaprabha 2005
01. What are the Brahma Viharas? (8:35)
06. Some Reflections from Brahma Vihara Retreats (12:41)
The Alchemy of Happiness 

Here's Kulaprabha's thoughtful take on the positive emotions cultivated in the 'Brahma Vihara' …

Kulaprabha 2007
02. The Outcome of Practicing the Brahma Viharas (2:40)
03. Inherent completeness of the Brahma Viharas (3:18)
06. The Brahma Viharas as antidote to fear, aversion, and craving (3:05)
08. A new mandala for augmenting near enemies to the Brahma Viharas (10:08)
11. Putting the Brahma Viharas in the service of spiritual death (6:00)
Parenting and the Brahma Viharas 

A talk given at the first Weekend retreat for Parents held at Adhisthana, June 8-10 2018. Parenting and the Brahma

Lilapa 2018
01. Parenting and the Brahma Viharas (57:23)
Metta and Akshobhya's Mirrorlike Wisdom 

This is the first of two talks given on "Living in the Mandala"; a retreat for Mitras on the Brahma

Maitrisiddhi 2018
Mudita and Amoghasiddhi's All-Accomplishing Wisdom 

This is the first of two talks given on "Living in the Mandala"; a retreat for Mitras on the Brahma

Maitrisiddhi 2018
Introduction to the Brahma Viharas (With Guided Meditation) 

A beautiful introduction by Ratnavandana to the Brahma Viharas as an integrated set of …

Ratnavandana 2015
01. The Brahma Viharas as a tree (06:59)
02. The words brahma viharas (06:59)
03. The Brahma Viharas individually; metta (06:59)
08. A whole, integrated set of practices; a quote from Sangharakshita - the Brahma Viharas, emotion, and Enlightenment (06:59)
09. Guided meditation - Just Sitting with your connection to the Brahma Viharas (06:59)
Introducing the Brahma Viharas 

Ratnavandana gives a clear and moving introduction to the Brahma Viharas, drawing on her …

Ratnavandana 2019
01. Introducing the Brahma Viharas (1:01:52)
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