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Your Liberation Is Bound Up with Mine. 

Activism, slavery, the Bodhisattva vow and utopia. Welcoming rage, passion and kindness into our Sangha …

Saraha 2020
The Perfection of Wisdom and Dedication - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 9 & 10 

In his final talk exploring Bodhicaryavatara, Padmavajra introduces us to Shantideva's exposition of the Prajnaparamita, …

Padmavajra 2020
Vajrapani's Gateway to Freedom 

Vajrapani, Bodhisattva of Energy is traditionally associated with the Gateway to Reality known as the Animita …

Viryadevi 2020
The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight (series) 

In these challenging times, how do we respond to difficulty and suffering without piling on extra levels of distress and …

When I Give, I Give Myself (series) 

'When I Give, I Give Myself, an online retreat led by Vessantara from Adhisthana in 2020. The retreat’s title is …

A Living Bodhisattva - The Life of Dhardo Rimpoche 

To introduce a series of talks on the motto 'Cherish the Doctrine, Live United, Radiate Love', Padmasagara gives …

Padmasagara 2021
01. A Living Bodhisattva - The Life of Dhardo Rimpoche (51:34)
Bodhisattva - Buddhist Action Month 

As we move into the next stage of the Noble Eightfold Path—Perfect Livelihood—Maitrisara delivers a Sangha night …

Maitrisara 2021
01. Bodhisattva - Buddhist Action Month (30:40)
What Is Nirvana and Do We Really Want to Get There? Talk 5 

In the final talk in the series, Vajragupta responds to questions from participants: is Nirvana about escape from Samsara …

Vajragupta 2021
What Is Nirvana and Do We Really Want to Get There? Talk 4 

Vajragupta talks about Nirvana as seen in the early Buddhist tradition - as the eradication of greed, hatred, and delusion, …

Vajragupta 2021
Radiate Love 

In this talk Dharmadipa looks at the third part of Dhardo Rimpoche's Motto "Radiate Love". The talk begins …

Dharmadipa 2021
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