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The Myth of the Bodhicitta 

What is the Bodhicitta and how do we become receptive to it? Vajratara talks about the paradox behind the Bodhicitta: how …

Vajratara 2018
Spiritual Receptivity 

Vajratara dwells on the topic of spiritual receptivity as part of the 'Mythic Context' retreat. She looks at what …

Vajratara 2018
Surrendering to a Greater Beauty: the Yidam As the Gateway to the Pure Realm 

Through the story of the Prince who left the palace and followed the devas who sang to him of beauty, Vajratara explores …

Vajratara 2019
Welsh Bats, A Vajrasattva Drugs Mule and Spanish Insight 

In a wonderfully entertaining talk on Perfect Vision, Vajrin tells a story of a wide ranging journey, including his early …

Vajrin 2011
A Living Bodhisattva (series) 

On a memorable ordination training retreat at Padmaloka in March 2019, four members of the ordination team gave talks celebrating …

Contemplating Vasubandhu's Four Factors (series) 

This series of four talks explores Vasubandhu's Four Factors. In his treatise Generating Bodhi Resolve, Vasubandhu describes …

The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight (series) 

In these challenging times, how do we respond to difficulty and suffering without piling on extra levels of distress and …

The Bodhisattva Vow 

In this concluding session, Vessantara briefly recaps the previous session, then speaks a bit about the culmination of the …

Vessantara 2020

In the latest in the series of talks for Sangha Night on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Vessantara gives an engaging talk on the …

Vessantara 2017
Padmasambhava Practice – a Personal Unfolding 

In this wonderful personal talk about Padmasambhava, Vessantara talks about his connection with the strange figure of Padmasambhava. …

Vessantara 2017
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