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Ein Schritt in die Welt - Die mitfühlende Aktivität der Grünen Tara 

"Tara ist durch und durch grün und leuchtet...", sie ist ein "Bodhisattva" und …

Taracitta 2004

Geduld (Sanskrit: Ksanti) ist eine der sechs "Vollkommenheiten" oder Tugenden eines Bodhisattva. …

Taracitta 2003
Green Tara, my Friend 

Taravandana reflects on the possibilities of developing a friendship with an archetypal Bodhisattva figure, …

Taravandana 2019
Een Lezing Over Het Bodhisattva Ideaal 

Sangha avond donderdag 23 juni 2016, Triratna Gent. Een lezing over het Bodhisattva Ideaal door Upekshadaka. Drie …

Upekshadaka 2016
01. Een lezing over het Bodhisattva ideaal (26:43)
Living Backwards 

Tantric Buddhism begins at the highest point: Enlightenment. Vadanya explores the yidam visualisation practice, a defining …

Vadanya 2019
Cutting the Bonds 

Vandanya introduces the 'Total Transformation - Heart, Heart and Guts' series. Using an analogy of a rider on a horse, he …

Vadanya 2018
The Evolution of the Bodhisattva Ideal 

An elegant description of the evolution of the Bodhisattva Ideal. Vaddhaka draws on his extensive reading …

Vaddhaka 2010
01. The Evolution of the Bodhisattva Ideal (47:55)
The Transitoriness of Life and the Certainty of Death 

The third talk in a five-part series from Tiratanaloka's retreat on the 'Four Mind Turnings' of the Tibetan tradition.

Vajradarshini 2005
07. At the time of death only the Dharma is of benefit; you go alone, unprepared, unfinished; dying with fearlessness; Thagme Zangpo on death and the Bodhisattva; reflection galvanizing practice - doubt as luxury; faith and the need for a refuge (7:20)
We Have a Huge Barrel of Wine But No Cups 

More poetry, more Rumi, more listening joy from Vajradarshini. And what a title! In fact, this is another splendid journey …

Vajradarshini 2005
10. The importance of reflecting on form and emptiness; the eight-point mind training - taking all obstacles with you on the path; the Bodhisattva Ideal from the perspective of emptiness; spiritual practice in a world neither real nor illusory (8:36)
Ethical Challenges In the Modern World 

A talk linked to Akuppa's talks on '21st Century Bodhisattva' and drawing on the book '21 …

Vajradevi 2019
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