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The History of My Going for Refuge 

An often inspiring autobiographical lecture taking up Sangharakshita's story from his earliest experiences of Buddhism …

Sangharakshita 1988
08. A Survey of Buddhism; Going for refuge and the Bodhisattva ideal (19:55)
13. Bodhisattva ordination (6:12)
16. Founding the Western Buddhist Order; four grades of ordination; ’the Bodhisattva Vow’ (18:00)
17. The communal context of Going for Refuge: the Sangha; the higher-evolutionary context: the twelve positive nidanas; the cosmic context: the Bodhisattva Ideal and the Cosmic Bodhichitta (15:23)
The Ideal of Universal Awakening 

This is the second talk in a five-part series by Nagapriya exploring Mahayana Buddhism.

Nagapriya 2009
01. The Bodhisattva Ideal as the Mahayana goal of the Buddhist life (8:06)
02. Background in which the Bodhisattva Ideal emerged; arahant as ideal, escaping samsara, elevation of monastic life (9:38)
03. Expanding arahant ideal to Bodhisattva Ideal as a goal for all; seeds of the Mahayana in early texts (6:53)
04. Character of a bodhisattva; reading from Vimalakirti Sutra; bringing cosmic significance to mundane existence (10:52)
05. The distinct moments and stages of the bodhisattva path; bodhicitta and puja practice; the Bodhisattva vow (12:13)
06. The Six Perfections; Reading from the Bodhicaryavatara; ten stages, or bhumis, of the Bodhisattva path (7:27)
07. The Bodhisattva Ideal changes, becoming unreachable by normal beings; cosmic figures in the Mahayana; Avalokiteshvara (8:17)
The Inconceivable Emancipation 

The Inconceivable Emancipation By Sangharakshita Exploring themes from the Vimalakirti-Nirdesa, a Mahayana Sutra. Mahayana …

Sangharakshita 2019
The Jewel in the Lotus 

This talk was given in 2007, and explores in a quietly effective, down-to-earth way one of the great central images of Mahayana …

Sraddhagita 2007
The Jewel in the Lotus 

The Sutra includes the story of a drunkard who is shown a jewel tied in his clothing, and also introduces us to the Bodhisattva

Sangharakshita 1971
13. What is a Bodhisattva? (4:15)
The Lamas of Tibet 

This lecture considers spiritual teachers in the Tibetan tradition within the framework of the principle of spiritual hierarchy …

04. The Lama as Bodhisattva (9:24)
The Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra 

Sangharakshita gives voice to this poetic Buddhist scripture describing the wonderful Pureland of the Buddha Amitabha.

09. Dharmakara performs the duties of a Bodhisattva (7:39)
The Loveliest Bodhisattvas 

In this talk Padmavajra explores the Altruistic dimension of Going for Refuge - The Bodhisattva Ideal - …

Padmavajra 2020
The Mystery of Exchanging Self and Other 

The fifth in a series of six talks given by Padmavajra, based on verses from Shantideva's 'Guide to The Bodhisattva's …

Padmavajra 2011
The Myth of the Bodhicitta 

What is the Bodhicitta and how do we become receptive to it? Vajratara talks about the paradox behind the Bodhicitta: how …

Vajratara 2018
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