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Who Is Vimalakirti? 

This is the first of two talks exploring the Mahayana Sutra called The Vimalakirti Nirdesa. Ratnaguna takes a fresh, clear …

Ratnaguna 2009
Dhardo Rimpoche 

Der tibetische Meister Dhardo Rimpoche lebte von 1919 bis 1990 und war einer der wichtigsten Lehrer Sangharakshitas, des …

Jnanacandra 2009
Great Compassion Penetrates Into the Marrow of the Bones 

A stirring and penetrating talk by Dhammadinna around the image that a Bodhisattva's compassion runs …

Dhammadinna 2009
Visions of Mahayana Buddhism (series) 

In this wonderful five-part series, Nagapriya takes us on a comprehensive exploration of Mahayana Buddhism.

Nagapriya 2009
What is the Mahayana? 

This is the first talk in a five-part series by Nagapriya exploring Mahayana Buddhism.

Nagapriya 2009
03. Six distinctive features of Mahayana Buddhism; vast literature, the trans-historical Buddha, the Bodhisattva Ideal (12:10)
Die Hölle, das sind die anderen. Eine ganz unromantische Liebeserklärung an den Sangha 

Mit charakteristischer Klarheit und Humor stellt Jnanacandra die Essenz von Sangha als Praxisjuwel vor: Freundschaft als …

Jnanacandra 2009
16. Sangha als Basis für das Bodhisattva-Ideal; der Orden als Tausendarmiger Avalokitesvara (2:47)
Young People, the Bodhisattva Ideal, and Padmasambhava 

Vajratara is one of the main teachers at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre, currently buzzing with young people of all sorts. …

Vajratara 2008
01. Young People, the Bodhisattva Ideal, and Padmasambhava - an Exploration (59:00)

Here's a talk by the wonderful Suvarnaprabha given at a meeting of the San Francisco Gay Buddhist Fellowship just after …

Suvarnaprabha 2008
Absorption - After the Enlightenment 

How do you get used to being Enlightened? What happened to the Buddha in the weeks after his breakthrough experience? Kamalasila …

Kamalashila 2008

Another excellent talk from the LBC's Dharma Night series - and most welcome as a rare example of a talk on the mysterious …

Jayaka 2008
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