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Six Guides to Insight and a Touch of Magic 

The fourth and last talk in a panel called "Spreading the Dharma as a Path to Insight", given at the European Combined Order …

Danapriya 2014
Buddhist Centres and the Bodhisattva Ideal 

In this talk Dassini addresses her local sangha on the theme of the Bodhisattva Ideal and suggests that …

Dassini 2014
01. Buddhist Centres and the Bodhisattva Ideal (37:15)
Twentieth Century Bodhisattva 

This introduction to Buddhist Action Month 2016 focused on three aspects of transforming the world: direct action; creating …

Dayajoti 2016
01. Twentieth Century Bodhisattva part 1 (16:42)
02. Twentieth Century Bodhisattva part 2 (16:42)
03. Twentieth Century Bodhisattva part 3 (16:42)
The Bodhisattva Path (series) 

Dayanandi gives a series of talks and led meditations on the Bodhicitta practice on an ordination training retreat for women …

Bhante and the Bodhisattva Spirit 

Dayanandi shares how she was encouraged and inspired by Bhante’s teachings on the Bodhicitta spirit. "Bhante encouraging …

Dayanandi 2019
01. Bhante and the Bodhisattva Spirit (36:27)
An Introduction to the Bodhicitta Meditation 

Dayanandi introduces the Bodhicitta Meditation on an ordination training retreat for women in California, April 2019. The …

Dayanandi 2019
Empathy and a Lead Through of the Bodhicitta Practice 

Dayanandi leads the Bodhicitta Meditation on the ordination training retreat for women in California, April 2019. The theme …

Dayanandi 2019
Introduction to Bodhicitta Practice 

This talk was given on the Women's Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana, December 2018.

Dayanandi 2018
03. The Order as expression of Bhante's bodhisattva vow (23:48)
Reflection on Vasubandhu's Four Factors 

Vasubandhu was a renowned Buddhist teacher and philosopher who lived in the Gandhara region of northern India in the 4th …

Dhammadassin 2008
Contemplating the Faults of Existence 

This is the second of four talks exploring Vasubandhu's Four Factors. In his treatise Generating Bodhi Resolve, Vasubandhu …

Dhammadassin 2010
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