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Talk 4 of 6: Forbearance and Energy In Pursuit of the Good: the Bodhicaryavatara 

Sahajatara explores these two Perfections with humour, realism and dakini-inspiration. Fourth of six talks from the …

Sahajatara 2021
Talk 5 of 6 - ‘Trees Bear No Grudges’: Meditative Absorbtion In the Bodhicaryavatara 

Kusalasara tackles Santideva’s challenging chapter and looks at the conditions needed for meditation, and how we can …

Kusalasara 2021
Talk 6 of 6 - ‘What Is Created by Illusion and What Is Created by Causes?’: Wisdom In the Bodhicaryavatara 

Ditching the ancient Indian philosophy, Maitrisiddhi makes sense of the Wisdom chapter in the Bodhicaryavatara and discusses …

Maitrisiddhi 2021
That's What Bodhisattvas Do 

The final talk in the series 'Bodhicitta-3 Short Talks'. Padmavajra talks about the life of Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita-a …

Padmavajra 2019
The Alchemy of Happiness 

Here's Kulaprabha's thoughtful take on the positive emotions cultivated in the 'Brahma Vihara' meditations.

Kulaprabha 2007
10. Bhante's poem "The Bodhisattva's Reply" (2:58)
The Alchemy of Love (series) 

This is a great three-part series on 'The Alchemy of Love', Padmavajra's exploration of the transformative magic …

Padmavajra 2004
The Arising of the Bodhichitta 

Two contradictory trends are discernible in spiritual life: withdrawing from the world and compassion for it. The arising …

Sangharakshita 1965
07. The Bodhisattva vows (4:05)
The Awakening Heart 

This is the first talk in the series of the same name. It touches on aspects of Sangharakshita's 'system of meditation', …

Parami 2006
03. Bodhisattva Ideal is interconnectedness; Buddha’s response to dukkha was to vibrate with all beings; all things arise and cease depending on conditions (5:10)
The Awakening of the Bodhi Heart 

How do you become a Bodhisattva? Upon the Awakening of the Bodhi Heart (Bodhichitt-otpada). This lecture …

Sangharakshita 1969
03. How does one become a Bodhisattva? (6:53)
The Bodhicitta and Spiritual Community - Talk 4 

In this series of five talks given on a Going for Refuge retreat, Padmavajra attempts to explore some aspects of Sangharakshita's …

Padmavajra 2013
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