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The Bodhisattva Vision 

Talk given during the Triratna Urban Retreat, 2015.

Visuddhimati 2015
01. The Bodhisattva Vision (28:26)
A Prayer For His Return to His Native Land 

The fourth in a series of talks by Subhuti entitled "A Vow to Spread the Buddha's Dhamma". Over four consecutive evenings …

Subhuti 2015
Eros and Beauty - Manjughosha, Love and Beauty 

Padmavajra continues the seminar with reference to Shantideva - the great Buddhist master from 8th India and the then world-famous …

Padmavajra 2015

Ratnaprabha introduces the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and explains the way he breaks the chains of karma. He …

Ratnaprabha 2015
Sharpening the Image 

In a talk to order members, Ratnaprabha discusses the value of using images and the imagination to become more emotionally …

Ratnaprabha 2015
White Tara 

A special talk for Sangha Night to mark the full moon. Amarachandra speaks on the beautiful bodhisattva

Amarachandra 2015
Living In The Greater Mandala 

Parami gives the introductory talk for the 2015 Triratna International Urban Retreat live in Adelaide, Australia. Her theme …

Parami 2015
04. The Ratnaguna Samcayagatha and the Perfection of Wisdom; knowing as a lived experience; the Bodhisattva path and Triratna; wisdom and compassion (01:55)
13. Letting go, not holding on - summing up the Bodhisattva Path; a mandala of spaciousness; Kenneth White - A High Blue Day on Scalpay (01:55)
Internationales Stadtretreat 2015 - Im größeren Mandala leben. 

Sangharakshitas Lehre vom größeren Mandala ästhetischer Wertschätzung lädt uns ein, die oft so …

Jnanacandra 2015
08. Trotz Entspannung ist der Bodhisattva aktiv und engagiert. Das Bild der Grünen Tara. (07:55)
The Bodhisattva Ideal In Triratna 

The fifth talk given on the European Triratna Men's Convention at Adhisthana on 19 August 2014. The Men's Convention, the …

Dharmapriya 2014
01. The Bodhisattva Ideal in Triratna (27:00)
Buddhist Centres and the Bodhisattva Ideal 

In this talk Dassini addresses her local sangha on the theme of the Bodhisattva Ideal and suggests that …

Dassini 2014
01. Buddhist Centres and the Bodhisattva Ideal (37:15)
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