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'In Beauty May I Walk' - Beauty As the Fourth Laksana 

In this talk Punyamala presents an overview of the rich mandala of practice we can follow by reflecting on the laksanas including …

Punyamala 2019
'For the Benefit of All Beings' 

In this talk Maitreyabandhu investigates the fourth and the last of the acceptance verses with great warmth, humour and clarity. …

Maitreyabandhu 2022
'Masculinity' and 'Femininity' in the Spiritual Life 

The third and fourth Perfections are kshanti (forbearance, tolerance or spiritual receptivity) and virya (energy in pursuit …

Sangharakshita 1969
11. The Bodhisattva at play ‘like an elephant’ (4:00)
13. The Bodhisattva’s integration of masculine and feminine; the union of wisdom and compassion in the Tantra: Yab-Yum (7:25)
21st Century Bodhisattva 

Akuppa imagines the ancient ideal of the Bodhisattva whisked into the world of modernity. What difference …

Akuppa 2017
01. 21st Century Bodhisattva (52:39)
21st Century Bodhisattva 

Saravantu launches a series of talks entitled "The 21st Century Bodhisattva", inspired by Akuppa's …

Saravantu 2019
01. 21st Century Bodhisattva (54:40)
21st Century Ethics: Bodhisattvas In Training 

Smritiratna looks at Buddhist ethics and the ten precepts, and how our actions have consequences on a global scale because …

Smritiratna 2018
A Bodhisattva's Mindfulness - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 5 

'One should speak confident, measured words, clear in meaning, delighting the mind, pleasing to the ear, soft and slow, …

Padmavajra 2020
01. A Bodhisattva's Mindfulness - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 5 (1:15:47)
A Feast of Happiness for the Caravan of Famished Beings - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 3 

"For the caravan of famished beings wandering the road of existence, hungry for the enjoyment of happiness, this is …

Padmavajra 2020
A Field of Kindness 

A talk on kindness, the quality of caring and the Bodhisattva Ideal, at the Stockholm Buddhistcenter, on …

Sona 2005
A Living Bodhisattva (series) 

On a memorable ordination training retreat at Padmaloka in March 2019, four members of the ordination team gave talks celebrating …

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